Demand the Charter School of Wilmington Take Action on Racial Injustices


Demand the Charter School of Wilmington Take Action on Racial Injustices

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Emily Chmiel started this petition to Charter School of Wilmington James Capolupo and

(6/4/20) Update: CSW HAS MADE A STATEMENT AND WE ARE NOT SATISFIED. The statement made by the CSW administration shows support for the movement but failed to provide resources for students impacted by the crises, information for students to educate themselves on their privilege, or ways to join the Black Lives Matter Movement (as stated in our original asks). We responded to their statement with a list of demands today, and they said that they would get back to us next week. After waiting over a week for their original statement and now facing an unsatisfactory response with our further requests, we are appalled by their lack of urgency. I have also expanded this work with a group of passionate CSW students called the CSW Social Justice Alliance. Please reach out to us on Instagram @cswsocialjusticealliance or at . A brief list of demands, to begin the process of stripping down the privilege and discrimination that plagues our school, has been created. Please continue to sign this petition and share it, to show your support for our reforms. 

List of Demands:

  1. Reform DEI Committee to increase the efficacy and revise the “action plan.”
  2. Speak out against racial injustices, not only during times of crisis. Host conversations with community members to examine their own privilege.
  3. Give more resources and support to minority students (We have created a document for them to distribute.)
  4. Provide information for community members to educate themselves on racial and social injustices.
  5. Provide an outlet for members of the CSW community to voice their thoughts, opinions, and concerns.
  6. Understand and communicate that this is not a political issue; this is a human rights issue.
  7. Recognize the impact that the recent events have had on students' mental health, especially the black community and students of color
    Increase the number of diverse authors in English classes (and in summer reading).
  8. Advising students to stay safe if they choose to go to protests
    Share necessary information from the Wellness Center.
  9. Hold students accountable for racist or discriminatory actions on and off school grounds (social media)
  10. Suggestions to evaluate (long term): reform U.S. History courses to focus on race and social relations; offer an elective on minority issues - race, LGBTQ rights, gender inequity, etc.; abolish phasing (opt for honors and non-honors classes);

(6/2/20) Original Demands: To the Charter School of Wilmington and Greater Community,

In lieu of recent events, we demand that the Charter School of Wilmington (CSW) makes a statement on racial justice and address how they will actively fight racism in our institution. CSW has been plagued with racial scandals and discriminatory policies. It appeared that they were making strides to address these issues with the creation of the DEI committee during the past school year. However, as students, we have not seen the changes that they’re trying to promote. For these reasons, it is disappointing that CSW has not made a statement expressing their commitment to fighting racial injustices in America and within our school.

We have seen many other institutions, universities, and corporations express their sadness and anger at the current situation in our country, yet CSW has remained silent. We are asking that the CSW Administration share a statement of their solidarity with the fight to end black oppression in this country. Further, we request an affirmation that DEI efforts will continue and be strengthened. We also suggest that CSW share resources with community members impacted by the crisis and how to get involved.

Please share this petition with the CSW students, parents, faculty, and staff. Greater community members and Wilmington residents are also encouraged to sign and share this petition, to demand action from this institution.


This petition made change with 1,109 supporters!

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