We need REAL change NOW at Millburn High School!

We need REAL change NOW at Millburn High School!

March 20, 2023
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Superintendent, Millburn Township Public Schools Dr. Christine Burton and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Inspire Millburn !

Before the upcoming 2023-24 school year, Millburn High School must align grading policies and practices and AP course access with other similar schools in the area so students can better enjoy their high school experience and achieve further success.

While the Board of Education and MHS have acknowledged issues and begun to make changes, MUCH more is still needed!


The college application & admissions landscape has changed.

  • Applications have skyrocketed as standardized tests become optional.
  • GPA, grades and number of AP classes taken are the most important metrics that college admissions use to evaluate academic potential.
  • MHS grading practices are deflating MHS GPAs vs. comparable schools.
  • With applications at an all-time high at large state colleges and universities, admissions offices often use software programs applying a GPA cutoff - so MHS applicant files may not even be read by committee.

Current MHS grading and assessment practices can adversely affect students' learning journey.

  • Students' grades, often not commensurate with their efforts and achievements, are lower than at peer schools.
  • Despite being appropriately leveled, students report not having sufficient time to finish or review assessments before handing in.
  • Despite being appropriately leveled, students report that portions of assessments do not reflect what was taught in class, seen in homework or on quizzes.
  • No test or paper correction policies are currently in place to afford students the opportunity to improve skills.
  • Students report varying practices between teachers, i.e. inconsistency in assessments, grading practices, homework and participation points and extra credit opportunities.

The AP policy at MHS is out of step with other high schools and unfairly disadvantages our students.

  • Comparable schools in our area and across the country have more open AP access, allowing students to sign up for the AP classes they wish to take without qualifying exams. They adopt reasonable criteria that permit entry based on grades achieved in either Accelerated or CPA coursework. 
  • Compared to neighboring schools, MHS reduces access to AP classes using arduous grade prerequisites and is the ONLY school in the area that administers qualifiers. 
  • The current AP qualification process is opaque - if students do well on qualifiers, but then do not get into classes, there is often no explanation offered.
  • Limited slots prevent interested students from pursuing career interests and true academic passions. For example, many students wish to take AP calculus or AP computer science but are unable because MHS offers only limited seats in each.
  • Most schools allow access for certain AP classes as early as 9th grade, which allows students to delve into subject matter earlier in their high school journey.
  • AP access is critical to college entry and demonstrates to college admissions officers that students have the ability to handle advanced topics and rigorous, complex course material.
  • As colleges move away from considering test scores, they are increasingly looking for proven rigor in applicants’ course loads - this means seeing more AP classes on a transcript.

In short, current grading policies and practices and lack of AP access at MHS are hurting, not helping, our kids.

  • Exodus to private schools for those who can afford it
  • Tutoring is rampant for those who can afford it
  • Students lose their love of learning, feel discouraged or disengaged i.e. just "doing school" 
  • Anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns are well-documented 
  • Sleep deprivation is pervasive

What can you do?

  1. Sign this letter to show that you agree that change is needed by the upcoming 2023-2024 school year!
  2. Share it with as many students and parents as you can.
  3. Stay involved by emailing your contact information to inspiremillburn@gmail.com.
  4. Show up! Attend Board of Ed meetings and make your voice heard. For the next meeting, go to: https://www.millburn.org/apps/pages/BOE_Schedules

Thank you! Let's all work together - teachers, administrators, students and parents - to make real, positive, lasting change happen!

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Signatures: 1,765Next Goal: 2,500
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