Demand that Canada Acts on Child Labour and Modern Slavery

Sweatshops in Africa ,Asia and Latin America has good amount of children who are not getting the chance to see the world .They are working like robots in factories . MNC,s build their sweatshops in these areas because of easy approvals of Governments compared to governments of North America . These sweatshops exploit these opportunity and use child as labour force with cheap wages ..Final product of these sweatshop are exported to different countries ..Buyers does not know how the products has been made ...If buyers know child being exploited for their product ,they might not buy ..I feel this is way we can stop child labour and sweatshop practice in these continents..Transparency in the supply chain best way to enforce fair trade and protect children ..I request everyone to sign these petition and share among your friends ,we are yet to reach the target

Jofin T Lorance, Mississauga, Canada
2 years ago
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