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Demand That BP Fund a Seafood Safety Program in Louisiana

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The BP oil spill continues to wreak havoc on the Gulf's seafood industry and marine life. Oil slicks have prompted closures of many of the region's fisheries, and scientists say exposure to oil and chemical dispersants may cause long-term damage to the area's fish, oysters, shrimp, crabs, and other ocean animals.

To that end, Louisiana state departments recently sent a letter to BP CEO Tony Hayward asking the company to fund a $457 million seafood safety program, a 20-year initiative that would protect Louisiana's seafood industry and help repair some of the damage that's been done over the past two months. According to the letter sent to Tony Hayward, the plan would start a "science-based seafood safety testing program with transparent metrics of safety and quality" and a "certification program for quality and processing of certified Louisiana seafood." The initiative would also establish a short-term program to educate consumers on what's going on with Gulf seafood.

Louisiana stands to lose $3.2 billion as the result of its struggling seafood industry. Demand that BP fund the state's seafood safety program to make up for at least some of the damage that it's caused.

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