Demand Texas A&M Administrators be Accountable and Keep Sexual Abusers Off Our Campus

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TO: Texas A&M Administration

CC: TAMU President Michael K. Young
TAMU Title IX Coordinator 
TAMU Athletics Director 

TAMU Swim & Dive Head Coach

TAMU Athletics Women's Director

There have been several recently shared stories that have highlighted the lack of accountability by Texas A & M University in their handlings of sexual misconduct. Those found guilty by Title IX investigations have not only returned to our campus, but also returned to our NCAA sports teams. These incidents have not occurred in isolation. Even with a suspension, having a perpetrator return to campus results in an environment that is harmful to the victim's education, which is a violation of Title IX stipulations. 

When you attend and compete for our university, you are representing the core values of respect, integrity, loyalty, selfless service, excellence, and leadership. Someone found guilty of rape does not represent these ideals. Moreover, by allowing them to attend and compete, we are sending the message that violence against women is unfortunate, but acceptable. 

We, the student and alumni of Texas A & M University stand unequivocally with the women who have suffered from not only sexual abuse, but also the negligence of the university. We demand that the university: 

- Review existing protocols for responding to sexual harassment and assault on campus to ensure that perpetrators are appropriately held accountable, victims are supported

-  Impose dismissal rather than suspending a student that is found guilty 

- A student-athlete being criminally investigated for a felony should not compete in NCAA sports while being investigated, and student-athletes should not receive special protections.

- Should a student-athlete return, they should not be allowed to compete on NCAA sports teams 

- Review the way in which survivors are given support and sensitivity throughout this process. Notify victims before their perpetrator is to return to campus.

As members of the Aggie Family, we do not want TAMU to be branded as a community that condones sexual misconduct. The university must change its policies to reflect a desire to put its community first.

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