Demand Speaker Saiki FINALLY TAKE ACTION to allow oversight of law enforcement statewide!

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In 2015, Hawaii ranked fifth in the nation for the highest number of people killed that year by police on a per capita basis.

This week, we witnessed the largest statewide demonstration that Black Lives Matter and protest against the unchecked power of law enforcement and the racism maintained throughout our institutions.

Representative Scott Saiki has been in the State House for 26 years; before he retires, let's demand he FINALLY TAKE ACTION to address this lack of law enforcement oversight.

At a minimum, he needs to solidly commit to passing 2019 House Bill 285 - without allowing departments to hide past records of police misconduct.

He must also use his authority as Speaker of the House to convene a panel to ratify a plan for statewide law enforcement oversight that includes community stakeholder at the table, not just those that profit from maintaining the status quo of the broken system.