Demand SF City Gov’t Responds To Homeless and Crime CRISIS

Demand SF City Gov’t Responds To Homeless and Crime CRISIS

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Paula E started this petition to Mayor of San Francisco London Breed and

Petition Start Date:  09/27/20

Beautiful San Francisco is in complete CRISIS, and we must DEMAND ACTION from our city and even state government. Troubled homeless people (who are mostly drug addicts or mentally ill) are not being helped properly, and they have been allowed to take over city streets, hotels and entire neighborhoods. There has also been a huge increase in crime.

The city gov’t is doing a disservice to the homeless by allowing them to have free reign in the city to do what ails them such as drugs and alcohol or to be without metal health medications. This does NOT work and has NEVER worked, and the problem is only worsening year after year. In addition, the city needs to STOP allowing other cities and states to pay to send their homeless populations to California. 

The city MUST finally develop and execute an effective strategy. It is clearly a difficult problem, but a completely DIFFERENT strategy needs to be attempted such as incentivizing people to accept proper help or a city ‘intervention’ focused on treatmentif needed as one would do to help save the life of a desperate or ill family member who is unable to help himself or herself.

The pandemic does NOT excuse this mismanagement from the city. The worsening homeless and crime problem makes living through the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 tragedy infinitely more painful. Trying to social distance the homeless in hotel rooms was a poor decision as many are incapable of social distancing due to illness, and this has only wreaked havoc on neighborhoods.

Once a relatively clean and certainly picturesque city, SF is now filled with homeless and RV encampments which has drastically and quickly changed the landscape. Tents, RVs, garbage and human excrement are everywhere, and the accumulation of trash on neighborhood streets is constant.

In addition to the homeless and RV squatting crisis, CRIME is getting out of control. DA Chesa Boudin has failed and needs to be recalled or voted out. Criminalshave also been allowed to commit larceny or even burglary with little or no consequences. Frustrated businesses have been forced to hire full-time security guards or even close due to losses from shoplifting. This is something longtime SF residents have NEVER seen.

The quality of life in San Francisco has eroded, and combined with the pandemic, has forced a MASS EXODUS of wonderful people and businesses which is drastically reducing the city’s revenue. The SF residents that remain are frightened yet OUTRAGED enough to stand up and DEMAND that the city responds with a detailed plan of action to be executed immediately.

Please join us to help RESTORE San Francisco to a livable, safe and clean city. Sign this petition and share it with friends and on social media. At 5,000 signatures, our petition will be considered for debate in the state assembly.

Once we receive 5,000 signatures, they will be delivered to Mayor Breed, Senator Scott Weiner and Governor Newsom. This is when a meeting will be requested and negotiations begin. Currently, notifies these decision makers about the petition periodically as the signature count rises.

We have no allegiance to either political party. We welcome people of every political affiliation, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender affiliation, socioeconomic status, etc. to sign. This is about NOTHING other than SAVING San Francisco and insuring whoever is in office EFFECTIVELY manages so that ALL can enjoy the best quality of life in our wonderful city!

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THANKS SO MUCH to ALL for your genuine concern for SF, for taking action and even for the comments or criticism which we will view as constructive. This is OUR petition (belongs to every person who has signed) so GREAT job everyone!!!


This petition is just a START. It’s NOT intended to display a long and detailed solution which most people would not read. The detailed plan of action is the CITY’S JOB and that of well-paid city officials.

However, we emailed Mayor Breed and Governor Newsom on June 16, 2020 with solution ideas. Since this is supposed to be a TEAM effort among caring and concerned SF citizens, you are welcome to post ideas.

This petition is INTENDED to force debate / action regarding the crisis at the state assembly level to achieve and implement a solution. This impact can occur after obtaining 5,000 signatures.

JUNE 20, 2020 Email To Newsom & Breed:         (posting in response to comments)

We would like to kindly respond to criticism we received from a few misinformed SF residents who either missed the point of the petition or did not read it. Below is just one idea among many ideas in a long EMAIL sent to Governor Newsom AND Mayor Breed on JUNE 16, 2020.

“The city should buy a stadium-sized building in South San Francisco to house the homeless who qualify. Certainly there will be many empty buildings due to the majority of people working from home now, and commercial real estate prices will continue to drop. If a building was renovated into thousands of small but nice single units with lockable storage closets, the homeless would probably want to stay there. The requirements for receiving housing would be proof of SF residency for the last 5 years or more as well as mandatory drug treatment / testing, counseling / mental healthcare and job training.

I am the most compassionate person I know, and I believe we need to take care of the homeless because most of them cannot help their circumstances and most will never change. However, I do believe in cracking down and not allowing them free reign, requiring them to follow the laws and hopefully requirements for city-funded housing.“

The proof of residency idea is intended to deter a massive new influx of homeless into SF. The city already has an incredibly high number of homeless individuals, and it does not need to shoulder all the responsibility for homeless persons coming in from other towns, cities or states that PAY to send their homeless populations to California.

Also, if the city cracks down and does not allow the homeless free reign to do drugs, drink alcohol, refuse treatment, etc. then it will be less appealing for homeless individuals to migrate to SF. They are migrating to SF because they know the city allows them to engage in self-destructive and even illegal behavior while still receiving free services from SF.

Some of the ideas we submitted for solving the crime problem include mandatory surveillance cameras (as there was mandatory seismic retrofitting for earthquakes), increased and creative recruiting for high-quality police officers (and NOT hyper-aggressive, disturbed and trigger-happy ones), RECALL DA Chesa Boudin, tighten crime laws and punishment (Prop 47 reform, habitual offenders, etc.) but also making a DISTINCTION between crime due to poverty versus not. The details of these ideas are intended to be open for debate in order to secure and implement a plan.

Regarding Proposition 47, it converts many nonviolent offenses, such as drug and property offenses (e.g. shoplifting of < $950, etc.) from felonies to misdemeanors. Although the proposition is saving the state money by reducing the number of jailed criminals, it is costing small, medium and large businesses (that are already suffering due to the pandemic) millions in merchandise losses and by requiring full-time security due to an undisputed increase in shoplifting which intensified after the proposition was passed in 2014.

Phil Matier of the SF Chronicle posted this excellent article on October 18, “Rampant Shoplifting Leads To Another Walgreens Closing In S.F.“ You can also see video of brazen shoplifters committing larceny right in front of the cameras in the KRON4 October 21 news segment and SFGate article, “Man steals from SF Walgreens during TV report on shoplifting.

The effects of Prop 47 along with the pandemic has created a RETAIL CRISIS in San Francisco. Union Square, Fillmore St., Union St., Chestnut St. and other lovely areas throughout the city were once full of beautiful storefronts. Stores struggled with the major increase in shoplifting, but now the pandemic has made it impossible for many to survive. These wonderful areas, which created strong appeal to live in SF, are now filled with boarded windows and “for lease” signs. The city will continue to empty if the homeless, retail and crime crises are not solved.

It is possible that these offenses ‘pardoned’ by Prop 47 has led or could lead to larger, more costly and dangerous criminal activity especially if the offenders have the perception that California is soft on crime and that they will not face any consequences. There is a measure on the 2020 ballot that calls for Proposition 47 reforms.

We would like to kindly respond to another comment we received. One man stated he believes that no action will be taken by the city and the crisis will continue to escalate until we VOTE the decision makers out of office. We completely agree with his view. However, we feel the wisest response is to act now and not wait or count on politicians being voted out of office.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!