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Demand Senators Commit to 90 Day Public Review of AHCA or Vote No

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Whereas a handful Republicans in the US Senate are now engaged in a secret process to draft a new healthcare law;

Whereas the Republicans of the US house engaged in similar behavior and subsequently rushed the bill to vote without allowing for a reasonable period of public debate and testimony;

Whereas virtually every Republican Senator has repeatedly denounced the Democratic Party for both its haste and partisanship in the crafting and passage of the Affordable Care Act, Commonly known as"Obamacare";

Whereas, despite whatever flaws the previous process made, the Democratic Party provided ample time for the bill to be debated and for allowing the American people ample time to judge the bill and comment on its provisions before it was voted into law;

Whereas the passage of any such bill is likely to be passed by only 50 votes and therefore every Senator who votes "yes" also carries veto authority;

Whereas any bill of such impact on the American people, both by custom and common sense, should be able to stand up to the full scrutiny of the American people or not made into law;

Whereas not one Republican Senator has demanded that this reasonable and customary public examination be a condition of their support;

Whereas any such pledge should in no way violate any principle or conviction of any Senator, of any Party;

For these reasons, we, the undersigned, Citizens of the United States, demand that you publicly pledge that you will either withhold your vote or vote no on any healthcare bill that doesn't allow a reasonable period of not less than 90 days from its public introduction into the Senate until it's first vote for passage.

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