Object to the development of Pentland Studios on agricultural land at Old Pentland Damhead

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Object to the development of Pentland Studios on agricultural land at Old Pentland Damhead

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Nathalie Holbrook started this petition to Case Officer Appeals Division Scottish Government Liz Kerr and

Stop pouring concrete on our prime agricultural land. Stop condemning our green spaces and heritage to the history books. Stop the eviction of our farmers and stop the development of Trojan Horse power stations in the Green Belt.

SAVE JIM'S FARM AND OBJECT TO THE PENTLAND STUDIO DEVELOPMENT AT DAMHEAD (please note wrongly cited by developers and various media as Straiton) 

DID YOU KNOW: the so called Pentland Film Studios will include a Gas fired Power Station with 8 Chimneys set to run day and night, new evidence reveals. Further the development will be selling this energy back to the grid, making fossil fueled money off our green land and at the cost of our health and well-being, environment and community! Pentland Studio will not just be making movies, but noise, light and air pollution are the hidden poison of this application.

Jim Telfer is a farmer whose family have been farming this 60 acre plot of land since 1915. He and his family face eviction to make way for private development.

Damhead and District Community and its elected Community Council, with the support of our Midlothian Council have objected and are in objection to the development proposal of the Pentland Studios at Old Pentland, Damhead.

We have made numerous, sourced accounts, and substantiated arguments against this proposal, against the case and the numerous and erroneous, inadequate, misleading, false and missing information that have been presented as part of the application and its subsequent appeal.

1. There are so many significant changes to so many details of the application from what was originally consulted on that this presents a different development proposal all together that the public and relevant agencies have not been given the opportunity to scrutinize and should therefor go back to open public consultation as is in keeping with what is expected in an open, fair Scotland and the planning system.

2. This application can no longer claim to be of National Importance. New evidence has shown that a purpose built film and television studio at Cumbernauld has been granted planning permission in Scotland nullifying the title of National Importance in the case of the Pentland Studios.

3. It is in the interest of the nation to save the best agricultural land and stop the central belt clearances. It is of national interest that food security, green land and farming resilience take priority. And it is of national interest that developers are made to match up with Scottish Government planning policies and targets as well as local development plans for a greener, fairer and more sustainable Scotland.

4. We maintain that this is not the location for a film studio.

We recognise that there is a need for a film studio in Scotland but are adamant that too much is at stake here with the loss of biodiversity, farm land, human rights and the loss of a democratic planning system, negating the purpose of local planning policies and local development plans should this private development be granted permission.

Signatures and messages of objection maintain:

The devastating impact this development would have on:

  • Green space, biodiversity and Edinburgh's popular leisure space on the edge of the capital
  • The heritage and potential of the Greenbelt in food production and food security
  • Some of the last remaining good agricultural and food production land on the edge of the city (grade 2 and 3 Agricultural Land)
  • Destruction of feeding, breeding and nesting grounds for the Bat and the Barn Owl
  • Destruction of feeding and hunting grounds for the Fox and Badger
  • Destruction of feeding grounds and habitat for Deer
  • The future of food security for Scotland

And object to this development to:

  • Prevent the eviction of local residence
  • Prevent the forced purchase of privately owned houses and businesses for private and corporate development and benefit
  • Stand up for Human Rights and Justice
  • Stand up for the rights of our farmers and food producers
  • Stand up for the protection of our Land
  • Prevent destruction of feeding, breeding and habitat for recorded and listed species and wildlife.


Damhead and District Community are working hard to promote sustainability, to enhance our historic local assets and to keep Damhead a rural, farming district which is supported and endorsed by countless organisations and individuals including but not limited to our local council, Head of Community Planning at Midlothian Council, Andy Wightman, Alison Johnstone, The Green Party, Lesley Riddoch, Nourish Scotland, Planning Democracy, Scottish Tenant Farmer Association, Green Peace, Friends of the Earth, The Cockburn Association, Our Land, Our Forth and others, all of whom have supported us in our fight against this development.

We have held to date two formal protests specifically against this development, one on the site of the proposed development, attended by over 100 people on the site in question and supported by speakers from the above list.

We have objected and we will continue to object to this development and against the building of Pentland Studios at Damhead, Old Pentland.

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This petition had 2,803 supporters