Demand representatives who listen and get the job done!

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Demand representatives who listen and get the job done!

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Congress has proven over the years to listen more to lobbyist and corporations than the People of the United States of America. We the people should have the right to recall a federal representative from office if they are not representing the best interests of the people.

For instance, they chose to vote for a bill to sensor the internet at the request of huge companies rather than vote on and pass Kevin's law which would protect people from contaminated food.'s_Law

Unfortunately the constitution does not give us this right. Even if you do agree with what congress is doing, which would be rare (approx 13% of the country approves) we should have the right to recall them just like we can for state officials.

The goal of this is not necessarily to have to deliver the signed petitions to washington, but to get enough signatures to get some press coverage on tv or news papers so that it becomes a topic for debate in the 2012 elections.

If we need to then maybe we should vote out every current congressman and woman every time they are up for re-election so we can keep career politicians out of congress.

Make it clear to every representative that they will work for us or we will fire them and hire someone who can and will do their job. LISTENING TO THE PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM!

Things like passing a reasonable budget. They can't even do that! They left our soldiers without pay while they still collect a paycheck! Thats CRAZY!!

If Congress can raise their salary every two years and ignore the wishes of the people of the United States then we want the right to recall any federally elected official if we feel they are not doing their job.

We need congress to pass legislation that is required in order to protect and help the people of this country not huge companies or wall street. - Banks aren't creating jobs! they're slowing stealing money from the people of this country! AND congress has let them do it by de-regulating the industry!

Large corporations are calling foul when they have to pay higher taxes to operate when they don't use that money to help their LOYAL employees retire comfortably, they don't use the tax cuts and in some cases NEGATIVE TAXES to stimulate the economy and create jobs! THEY give the CEO and VP'S a BIG FAT BONUS!

WE don't need a bill to legislate the sale of cabbage

 or a legislation to censor the internet.   

WE need help for working families. 

WE need them to create legislation that helps low income families crawl out of poverty and not try to fix a broken safety net so these people stay in poverty their whole lives!

WE need jobs to be created.

We need to push legislation for alternative energy to lower our dependency of foreign oil.

WE need protection from companies who put under tested medications and foods on the market.

If our current representatives won't do that then we want the right to find someone who will listen to us! WE HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO ELECT OFFICIALS WHO WE CAN TRUST AND WILL PROTECT THIS COUNTRY! THE UNITED STATES IS NOTHING WITHOUT US!

Make sure that when you elect a new congressman or woman they will support THIS idea because if they don't thats probably a sign NOT to vote for them because they are already .

Write in your own name on the ballot. We the people have the power to change washington. They tax us and are refusing to represent us. Our voices have fallen on deaf ears. 

This country is in this mess together and we need people who are willing to stand up, unite and make a change before we will get out of it.

If the founders of the United States are watching what congress has been doing they would roll over in their graves!


The People of the United States of America!


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