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Petitioning The President of the United States

Demand Our Federal Legislators to Stop Parental Alienation & Emotional Abuse

Fathers have been routinely and systematically pushed out of their children's lives by the childrens' mothers, and our system supports it.  These fathers have been stripped of their parental rights, their financial resources, and their dignity.  Courts acknowledge that mothers have an absolute right to participate in raising their children while fathers have to prove their worthiness to earn limited participation  Children need their fathers and their relationship should be protected. 


Please sign the petition to let our legislators know that we are serious about stopping parental alienation and emotional abuse, and we expect them to take action to stop it.


Letter to
The President of the United States
We would like to inform you that our system is tearing families apart. Parental alienation and emotional abuse on children is a real problem; however, it is routinely and systematically ignored.

Doctors, lawyers and therapists work in professions that are unregulated and unsupervised. Even though these are supposed to be “caring” professions, they are able to ignore abuse, disregard information, do incomplete investigations, and pass personal opinions off as professional as they please without interference. The only recourse to remedy unprofessional conduct is a complaint; which, if the professional is found guilty, only serves to punish the professional, but does nothing to fix the problem that they created. These professionals are harming the very people they say they are trying to help: the children.

I am a father who has been fully committed to my children since their birth. I have been forced to fight to keep my children in my life against the wishes and relentless deceitful actions of my ex-wife. I have been repeatedly accused of abuse, which has been investigated and found to be untrue. Her emotional abuse and alienation has never been taken seriously, even by the professionals who have seen it in action. Her abuse has torn this family apart, and our system has been supporting it.

It took the collapse of Enron to hold the accounting profession accountable for their actions. Now it is time to hold the legal and medical professions to the same standard, and stop allowing them to participate and assist mothers to push fathers out of their children’s lives.

Fathers nationwide have fallen victim to having their children ripped away from them due to these issues. As our elected officials, we expect that you will act to stop this form of abuse.

Thank you!