Demand Media Platforms Drop Steve Bannon’s ‘Insurrection TV’ Network

Demand Media Platforms Drop Steve Bannon’s ‘Insurrection TV’ Network

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Barely a year has passed since the Jan. 6 attack on our democracy. Yet, leading media companies are selling out America by hosting an authoritarian television network dedicated to peddling the Big Lie. Real America’s Voice network hosts a show by Steve Bannon, the War Room, that is more accurately described as “Insurrection TV”. 

A former Real America’s Voice producer says: “We were told fairly regularly we were Trump propaganda. That is what our role was. That was the message from the top: ‘We’re a Trump propaganda network.’ That’s where the money was.”

Bannon’s show unabashedly peddles the Big Lie and spins the January 6 coup against democracy as a patriotic event. In Bannon’s perverse worldview, the real crime against America occurred on Election Day, when voters had the nerve to stand in line and vote. 

The Washington Post explains that after the 2021 presidential election, “the show became a clearinghouse for false claims of mass voter fraud”.  The day prior to the Jan. 6 coup attempt, Bannon told his viewers, “All hell is going to break loose tomorrow.”   

The question is, why have America's top content distributers eagerly crawled into bed with Bannon at the expense of the country? It’s difficult to believe, but “Insurrection TV” is widely available on leading media platforms including Dish, Pluto TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV and Google Play. 

Sign our petition today to demand that these media platforms dump Real America's Voice. The network is a direct attack on democracy and undermines America. 

A Dish spokesman justified the slimy arrangement by saying their platform provides a “broad range of content that will appeal to the many different interests of our customer base.” Pluto TV rationalized their partnership by claiming, “We do not partake in any editorial decisions or moderation.” Oddly enough, YouTube, which is owned by Google, removed the War Room, but it remains available on Google Play through Real America’s Voice.

It is beyond disgraceful that these media platforms have elected to air a network that is an unpatriotic, toxic wasteland devoid of the most basic journalistic standards. What Bannon represents is not just another viewpoint. No one would be objecting to War Room if Bannon were simply offering conservative opinions.

However, Bannon is using his perch to undermine faith in democracy, sow division, spread white nationalism, delegitimize the duly elected government and serve as “The General” for the next coup attempt. 

It is despicable and wholly inexcusable that the greedy executives who run these platforms are helping mainstream and normalize sedition as just another “interest” or viewpoint that must be respected in their quest to make money.   

As for Bannon, the former Breitbart website publisher, he fully recognizes the boost that these platforms have given to his dangerous cause. “Breitbart was very powerful,” Bannon cooed, “but this is five times more powerful.”

Bannon has been clear from the beginning that his radical goal was “deconstruction of the administrative state.” Nearly five years later, the damage his nihilistic ideology has wrought on our nation’s institutions is self-evident. The question is, why are mainstream platforms selling out America by giving Bannon and his MAGA goons the means to complete the job they failed to finish on January 6?

I’m sure the executives at these companies are enjoying the money from this vulturous venture. However, sign this petition now and tell them that they should be more concerned about the price democracy is paying for their reckless and irresponsible decision to air “Insurrection TV”.  

Demand that they drop Real America's Voice network and deprive Steve Bannon a platform to destroy democracy. 

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