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Demand mandatory recall of faulty Takata airbags including faulty replacements.

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100 Million vehicles worldwide, going as far back as 2000 and as recent as 2015, have been fitted with defective Takata airbags. Manufacturers include Nissan, Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Lexus, Chrysler, BMW and many more... please check here to see if your vehicle is on the continually growing recall list >>>

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When the faulty airbags deploy they send shrapnel flying, hitting the driver and/or passengers, so far causing 18 fatalities (1 in Australia so far) and 180 injuries including severed vocal chords, paralysis and blinding.

The Japanese safety parts manufacturer was found to have first been aware of the defect back in 2000 but did not go public till 2004 after it was discovered safety test documents had been falsified.

The car manufacturers involved have predominantly expanded their recall lists several times over several years, and also continued to use Takata airbags as replacements on the recalled vehicles, even though Takata themselves could not guarantee the replacements safety. Takata have since filed for bankruptcy.

Nissan have advised all replacements in Australia are indeed defective Takata airbags as they "have no other stock available in the country". They will not take any other course of action other than to recall the defective replacement airbag when due - "the replacement airbag is considered to be safe for 6 years". However the airbags do degrade in humidity.

A timeline of this, the biggest recall in automotive history, can be read here >>>

Why has this only recently had media attention, thirteen years after being made public? Why has the ACCC not enforced a mandatory recall of replacement airbags as well as the originals? Why aren't car manufacturers being held accountable for not contacting all owners of affected vehicles, and replacing the recalled parts with safe parts?

UPDATE 27.07.17 Quinn Emanuel have filed an open class action in Australia against car manufacturers. The class action will be filed in the Federal Court of Australia and will allege that the car manufacturers are in breach of a number of provisions under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).To read more, and if affected register >>>


Dear Mr McCormack,

I am writing to you in relation to the Worldwide Takata airbag recall and urging you to please enforce the ACCC to order a mandatory recall of not only all original defective airbags, but also the defective replacement airbags.

My Nissan Tiida is one of the millions of cars affected, and (only on investigation) did I find out that my faulty airbag was replaced last November with another faulty airbag of the same brand.

I only learned of the airbag recall yesterday after seeing a facebook post - I had not been contacted by Nissan at any time, in writing or otherwise, in regards to being made aware of my compromised safety.  

On contacting Nissan this morning I was advised that my replacement airbag "is considered to be safe for 6 years". *Note: Takata cannot guarantee it's safety. Nissan flatly refused to put anything regarding the subject in writing to me.

With 18 fatalities and 180 injuries (some as severe as severed vocal chords, paralysis and blindness) I am shocked that both Nissan and the ACCC are telling me my car is safe to drive - even though it is knowingly fitted with a defective safety airbag.

Would you jump off a cliff with a faulty parachute?

We are a one car family now without a mode of transport. Nissan have advised they will not do anything until my car is due to be recalled again, in five years time. I will not, and should not, be expected to drive around in a ticking time-bomb. And neither should the millions of other drivers affected.

Faulty replacement airbags should not be considered a sufficient resolution when lives are at stake, regardless of the downplayed probability of injury/a fatal accident occurring.

I implore you to please put consumer safety first and as a matter of urgency. All Takata airbags, including already recalled replacements, must be recalled and replaced with safe airbags immediately. 

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