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This is a plea for help. To save a life. To save a family. To prevent such tragedy from occurring to another family.


 HELP US BRING OUR FATHER HOME WHERE HE BELONGS! Almost 13 years ago my father began his twenty year sentence for what the prosecution called money laundering. My father's real crime was that he owned several car dealerships  on the West side of Chicago and he sold cars to mainly minorities and African Americans. Although this is not a crime the government was able to convince 12 jurors that what my father did for a living for over 20 years was actually a crime.

My father was given an extremely harsh sentence, and anyone else who has actually committed such crimes has received far less time. He has now been in BOP custody since February 2007 (in addition to the four months he was incarcerated before even being indicted in 2005). According to federal law, if my father did commit such crimes he would have already served his time and been home by now. 

THE STORY: On March 22nd 2005, Amir Hosseini was arrested on suspicion of charges ranging from international terrorism, international drug trafficking,money laundering, racketeering, bank fraud, and conspiracy just to name a few. My father was never actually charged with international terrorism or drug trafficking as prosecutors were unable to prove this in court. 3 months after his arrest, Amir Hosseini was let out on bond after multiple hearings where prosecutors argued he was a flight risk.

 My father was offered several plea bargains during the year before his trial which required him to testify (falsely) against others whom he did not even know, but he refused saying he rather spend the rest of his life in prison than lie to save himself. In February of 2007, his trial along with his co-defendant began (lawyers were unable to get the judge to sever the two cases) and lasted less than 3 weeks. During the trial, prosecutors used testimonies from already incarcerated people convicted of drug and gang offenses in exchange for lesser sentences. They also intimidated employees from Amir Hosseini's west side Chicago dealership, threatening jail time in exchange for testimony. The prosecutors denied many witnesses brought in by Hosseini's defense team as well as documents proving major aspects of the prosecutions case wrong, such as documents that proved sales over 10k were reported to the government by the dealership. 

      In one particular instance, my father’s accountant from one of his dealerships came to court to testify (as scheduled) however the prosecution turned him away saying if he did testify they would charge him as well. Although the accountant was still ready to testify even after being threatened with criminal charges, Hosseini did not allow it because he did not want to put another life in jeopardy. After almost a month long trial, Amir Hosseini and his co-defendant were found guilty of 98 criminal charges. Hosseini was sentenced to 20 years, his co-defendant 15 years mainly because Hosseini was portrayed as the “ring leader” of a plan to conceal drug money through the sale of cars. According to the prosecution, Amir Hosseini, was intentionally selling cars to drug dealers in order to help them conceal their money. None of this was concretely proven in court, unless you find the testimony of random drug dealers who were promised lesser sentences in exchange for testimony credible. This is not a crime; however that is beside the point. After the trial, Hosseini's appeal lawyer requested the trial transcript in order to appeal; he finally received it two years later in 2009 incomplete. On appeal the 7th circuit court affirmed the original ruling.

Now we are left with the same unjust sentence and we need our father’s voice to be heard! There is no way to write down every injustice that has happened to this man as a result of our ineffective and backwards court systems however it is our goal to make sure Americans know that there are such injustices happening, and Amir is not the only one. 13 years have passed since this ordeal first began and something must be done. The families involved refuse to remain silent. My father no longer has anything, all he worked so hard for the past 20 plus years is gone; now all we are fighting for is his life, please help spread the word so that this sentence can commuted, pardoned, or turned around. Please help free Amir.

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