Demand Joe Biden step down as a presidential candidate.

Demand Joe Biden step down as a presidential candidate.

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Right now, many people are rightfully thinking that former Vice President Joe Biden is the lesser evil to President Donald Trump. However, when will we get the opportunity to not have to choose between two evils? For decades, the electorate has been manipulated into adhering to this political binary, which has resulted in two major political parties that have no effective differences beyond rhetoric and a few social issues. The parties are so indistinguishable that Biden has planned to have Republican Kasich speak for him at the Democratic National Convention.

In order to achieve the real change and improvements that are urgently needed, we need a presidential nominee that is a distinguishable contrast against President Trump, particularly when it concerns policy, temperament, and governance. Unfortunately, that candidate is not Biden. Before the general election takes place in November, we have an opportunity to get this right. The crises we’re up against deserve better than the lesser evil. If you believe that your family and friends deserve better than the lesser evil, please keep reading. Removing Biden is not going to give Trump the win.

Why Biden is the Wrong Candidate

At the time of writing this, Biden is considered the presumptive Democratic Nominee and is slated to be officially and formally recognized as such at the Democratic National Convention taking place in mid-August. The events leading up to Biden’s current status are rife with corruption. Many of the tactics used to derail other candidates’ campaigns were implemented throughout the 2020 Democratic Primary, which eventually saw the artificial rise of Biden’s candidacy. You may be thinking that this is just a conspiracy, but history often repeats itself. In fact, just recently at The Honorable John Lewis’ funeral service, former President Bill Clinton admitted and celebrated that the Democratic establishment came together -again-to defeat Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Why are they proud of this?

It has been extensively documented that the Democratic National Committee has interfered in the Democratic Primary to favor candidates that they want to win, despite how deeply flawed those candidates may be. In 2016, the DNC rigged the primary against Senator Sanders in Hillary Clinton’s favor. This is undisputed fact, and it should be noted because 2016 eventually resulted in Trump being elected President of the United States. The degree to which the DNC has interfered in the 2020 primary has yet to be fully detailed, but compelling evidence exists. We’ve also seen a coordinated effort between the Democratic establishment and the corporate news media to suppress unfavorable information about Biden and force other candidates to drop out of the race before half of the country even got the chance to vote. By effectively overriding the American public’s opportunity to choose their presidential candidate, they have violated 18 U.S. Code § 595 by interfering in elections. Despite all of this, neither of them has been able to erase the memories of the American people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the weaknesses of our government and has exacerbated the crises that millions of Americans have been dealing with for decades. During the past six months, we’ve seen record unemployment, a crippled healthcare system, a flailing economy, corporate bailouts with minimal-to-no regulation/oversight, and lack of leadership from The White House. We absolutely need a new POTUS, but as of right now, we do not have the ability to choose the best option. We need a Presidential candidate that has more to offer than just not being Trump. We need a President that has the courage and vision to bring forth much needed bold change. The fact of the matter is that Biden does not meet the moment. The case against Biden’s candidacy is damning and he should be disqualified from holding the highest office of the land. Here are the reasons why Biden should be disqualified and a new Democratic nominee should take his place to go up against President Trump in the general election.

·       As tens of millions of Americans have been thrust into unemployment due to the pandemic, many have lost their employer-based health insurance. Biden is adamant about maintaining a system that would allow this, despite a mountain of evidence proving it is not only expensive, but inhumane. We need a president who will support Medicare for All, a policy supported by 83% of Democratic voters and 70% of all voters; a policy that a Yale study confirmed would have the country save $450 Billion Dollars a year for people and save 68,000 Lives a Year. Furthermore

o   Our current system doesn't cover everyone.

o   Costs each person more to participate in. And healthcare costs will be increased if Biden is in the White House.

o   Doctors write prescriptions for whatever pharmaceutical companies will profit from most, even when it is less beneficial for the patient. They get bonuses for promoting certain drugs.

o   The US government, unlike the rest of the first world nations, has no limits on what can be charged for prescriptions drugs. Under Healthcare for All, prescription costs would be regulated like the rest of the free world does.

o   Americans wouldn't have to order drugs from almost any other country in the world where the law controls the cost, not the drug company. Each time, they risk getting counterfeit drugs that could be useless or even kill them.

·       As more and more states adopt medical marijuana and even legalized marijuana, Biden still opposes legalization on a federal level. Not surprising as he is the architect of the 1994 Crime Bill; this has brought forth the war on drugs and heightened militarization of the police. The real beneficiary of making marijuana illegal is the pharmaceutical companies who have lost untold billions of dollars in their narcotics prescription sales.

·       In a time where we continue to see how Black people in this country continue to be disproportionately victimized by police brutality, Biden has called for meager interventions that have been proven ineffective, such as increasing police training. He has proposed giving more money to police departments. He has proposed that police simply “shoot people in the leg instead of in the heart,” instead of any other option that would prevent them from exerting unnecessary force on American citizens.

·       Biden has no intentions on making the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes. On the campaign trail he has said to wealthy donors that “nothing would fundamentally change.” His record confirms this position. He voted for the Reagan tax bill that slashed the  tax on the top income rate from 70% down to 50%. This bill exempted many wealthy people from the estate tax on earned inheritances. He also voted to reduce the taxes on the rich again, to 39%. This vote costs the Federal government $83 billion and rising, in annual revenue.

·       Although much of his momentum was achieved because of Black voters in South Carolina, Biden continues to disrespect Black voters with his racist comments. In an interview with the Breakfast Club’s Charlemagne Tha God, he suggested that “you ain’t Black” if you are a Black person that hasn’t yet been convinced of his candidacy. More recently, in a live interview with CBS News, he again suggested that Black Americans are a monolith, with “notable exceptions.” He constantly demonstrates a flippant disregard for matters of urgency to Black Americans, offering nothing more than useless platitudes. The plight of Black Americans is deep and requires urgent action that he is unwilling and unable to provide.

·       Biden, as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Clarence Thomas hearings did all he could to discredit Anita Hill’s testimony, even implying her description was an auto-erotic illusion. What many people don’t know was that he chose to suppress the testimony of 3 additional women.

·       While in the Senate, he regularly proposed cuts to Social Security Benefits, Medicare, Veteran’s Benefits, and other social programs. He only changed that position after seeking the Presidential nomination for 2020.

·       Biden voted to ban immigrants with HIV. Instead he put refugees in one of Americas most controversial prisons, Guantanamo Bay. Where U.S. military has been caught committing atrocities multiple times. How is he any different from Trump?

·       Biden’s ‘Plan Colombia’ killed thousands of people, displaced over a million people and wiped out huge areas of food crops.

·       As Co-Author of the Omnibus Counter-terrorism act, he laid the foundation for the all out assault on civil liberties with the Patriot Act and helped strip Americans of a wide range of rights and civil liberties.

·       Biden supports Apartheid and ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

·       Biden voted to overturn the Glass-Steagall act and deregulate the banking system. Glass-Steagall was a protection for us, removing it was removing the limits on banks to prey on us, except the wealthy. The repeal of the Glass-Steagall act was also a direct contributor to the 2008 real estate disaster.

·       Trump and Biden agree on the US backing a right-wing coup in Venezuela. The sanctions against Venezuela that Biden supports, have killed more than 40,000 people so far.

·       Biden voted for the Iraq war and said he’d do it again.

·       Biden wrote the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act. It screws over individuals by making it harder to file for bankruptcy and made it impossible to discharge student debt, but left big companies alone. Biden does not support free education, or student loan forgiveness.

Call to Action

As of July 31, 2020, the Federal Government acted to disenfranchise millions of citizens and voters. Those voters also include the core group that the government has been targeting since the official end of slavery in the United States more than 155 years ago, along with the people who support them. They have recently stood up for the justice and dignity that our Constitution, Bill of Rights, laws and just plain decency demand, but have long been denied. These people are a large part of a movement, Black Lives Matter. Our mostly peaceful protesting was catalyzed by the stresses of Covid-19, which led to unemployment, rising homelessness, death, disability and a rise in the endemic, systematic, integrated and institutionalized abuse of Black people and all people of color, (unless they were wealthy enough to be exempt) by the police. The United States and the world imposed quarantines and rules to slow and hopefully end this pandemic. The people, who followed those directives, protected themselves and others and their obedience to the government led to more than 30 million people unemployed. Currently, the number is about 25+ million people unemployed. As a result of that action/inaction, millions of people and families are in the process of being evicted. If you don't have an address, you can't vote. The majority of those people are working class, Black and people of color. The world is experiencing this pandemic, and will be able to clearly look back and see that the former US government is committing a coup to remove democracy from existence in our country and the genocide of a large portion of its people. By removing millions of people from their homes, they remove millions of voters that might vote against Biden who fully supports a government that threw them away. I am an American in a United States of America whose government has broken the law and disdainfully, cruelly and deliberately cancelled the lives of its own citizens.

I hope that Americans will stand up so we can correct the actions of the politicians who have gone against every concept of what their job is according to the Constitution, not their own agenda. Their duty of care to the human beings that provided them with that power has been abandoned and thrown away. We trusted that we emplaced ethical, dedicated professionals who would look after the best interests of the people. We now have a political pyramid that in all ways but appearance is a despotic regime and does not fulfill the mandate, laws or ethics of the United States of America. Let's prove them wrong and get Joe Biden disqualified, he has shown signs that he is senile, therefore ineligible and illegal to run for any office and he is working against the well being of the people. Let's get this illegitimate choice of the DNC and not the people; off the ballots and get a good candidate to step up while we have the time.

Biden only changed his rhetoric to run for President so he can achieve the goals he worked for for 40 years and make poverty and suffering in this country worse.

This man needs to go. Please support removing Joe Biden from the ballot; he has done nothing good for America. We have better candidates who can actually work for the people, waiting in the wings. Removing Biden is not going to give Trump the win.

Petition to Demand that Biden Step Down as a Democratic Candidate for President

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