Demand Instagram Change Its Rules Against Animal Cruelty

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We are requesting Instagram take stronger action against animal cruelty. Too many posts depicting animal violence have been uploaded with no retribution. When a report is made, Instagram, time and time again, have said the post is within its regulations. It is inexplicable why images of abused and murdered animals are deemed appropriate when selfies of people with exotic animals are not. We ask that Instagram:

1) Prevent the uploading of images glorifying the abuse, torture, and murder of animals as well as images promoting the hunting of animals for recreation by users who are not utilizing such images for activism or educational purposes. (If the posts are for the appropriate causes, images depicting farm conditions, cross cultural events/incidents, and reposted images meant to spread awareness and catch offenders must not be banned.)

2*) Add an “Animal Abuse” option under “Report.”

3) A team of REAL people able to discern the in/appropriateness of reported images who will follow the aforementioned guidelines faithfully so as the removal of activist content/profiles will not transpire.

4) The reporting of suspected animal abuse to animal welfare organizations.

5) Assist animal welfare organizations in the investigation of animal cruelty. 

We are standing up for those who do not have a voice, and we are asking you to do the same. 

Special thanks to Simonne, Ashley, Katie Robertson*, & Kahtia