Permanent Closure and Relocation of American Iron & Metals in Saint John!

Permanent Closure and Relocation of American Iron & Metals in Saint John!

September 14, 2023
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Started by Emily Whelly

We, the concerned citizens of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, urgently call for the immediate closure and removal of American Iron & Metals (AIM) from our community. The continuous string of employee deaths, explosions, and the recent devastating fire that is still burning and releasing toxic fumes into the air have left us with no choice but to demand action.

1. Multiple Employee Deaths:
According to reliable local news sources such as CBC, AIM has been plagued by a series of tragic accidents resulting in multiple employee deaths over the past years. These incidents highlight a severe lack of safety measures and negligence on behalf of AIM's management.

2. Explosions:
Incidents involving explosions at AIM facilities have become alarmingly frequent in recent times. These explosions pose a significant threat not only to workers but also to nearby residents who live in fear for their safety.

3. Ongoing Fire Hazards:
The most recent incident involving an ongoing fire at AIM's premises is deeply concerning for all Saint John residents. This fire continues to burn uncontrollably, emitting hazardous toxins into our air supply every passing minute. Local authorities have confirmed this danger through statements published by CBC and Telegraph Journal.

4. Environmental Impact:
The toxic fumes released by the ongoing fire pose serious health risks to both humans and wildlife alike within our community. The potential long-term consequences on our environment are alarming as these pollutants can contaminate soil, water sources, and affect air quality for years to come.

5. Community Well-being:
Saint John is home to thousands of families who deserve a safe living environment free from constant threats posed by AIM's operations. Our community should not be subjected to such risks due to corporate negligence when safer alternatives and responsible practices exist.

We, the undersigned, demand that the relevant authorities take immediate action to force American Iron & Metals to leave Saint John. Our safety, health, and well-being should never be compromised for the sake of profit. We call upon our elected officials, regulatory bodies, and concerned organizations to prioritize our community's interests over corporate interests.

Sign this petition now to protect our lives and secure a safer future for Saint John!

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Signatures: 2,314Next Goal: 2,500
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