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Evict "Hitler Shirt Guy" & Demand Law Enforcement Investigate His Threat Seen On Video

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#investigatehotelsoto • Please sign this petition to hold "Hitler Shirt Guy" accountable for his gun threat. Sign to say NO gun threats, hate symbols, and mistreatment of disabled tenants by calling for the firing and eviction of the 2017 Hotel Soto management team whose patriarch did these awful things while they presided over 50+ violations including cockroaches and fire hazards. 

The owners of Hotel Soto (a "cheap rent" residential hotel located at the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles) allowed "Hitler Shirt Guy" to continue to preside as an onsite manager rather than immediately fire him after his gun threat and taunting of the swastika to a resident of Jewish heritage was reported. The owners reportedly even praised "Hitler Shirt Guy" as "otherwise excellent."  As of April 2018, "Hitler Shirt Guy" is no longer manager of Hotel Soto. That's good news but considering he's been caught on video wearing a seeming Nazi shirt glorifying Hitler, making seeming gun threats, and behaving inappropriately towards disabled tenants. Instead of accepting responsibility for the despicable mistreatment of residents so clearly caught on video and considering he presided over 50+ violations the Hotel Soto owners should evict him too. 

Here's what we can confirm by video evidence and government documents:

⛔ Unacceptable! Gun Threat: In 2017 while he was the manager of Hotel Soto, as you can see in the video at making what appears to be a gun threat to disabled residents who were merely discussing bedbug concerns. This was perceived as threats by the disabled residents and reported to LAPD. Any reasonable person would likely see this video and agree that it seems to indeed be a gun threat. After the recent gun shootings, gun threats should be taken utmost seriously especially in a building with children and vulnerable residents such as seniors and people with disabilities reside. 

⛔ Unacceptable! Glorifying Hitler: In 2017 while he was the manager of Hotel Soto, "Hitler Shirt Guy" is seen on video at taunting a resident of Jewish heritage with the swastika hate symbol right outside his home's door. At "Hitler Shirt Guy" is seen at the entrance of the building he then managed where a resident of Jewish heritage and also his gay roommate live. No one should be subjected to hate symbols where they live. Considering this action followed residents reporting habitability concerns to appropriate government agencies, this appears to be a blatant act of retaliation. Residents perceived this (when taking into account the above-mentioned gun threat) an attempt to evoke feelings of terror. After recent hate crimes, hate symbols should not be tolerated with leniency.

⛔ Unacceptable! Behaving Inappropriately Towards The Disabled: In 2017 while he was the manager of Hotel Soto, "Hitler Shirt Guy" is seen on video at purposely repeatedly shining what appears to be a high-powered flashlight in a disabled resident's face. According to Epilepsy Foundation, "For about 3% of people with epilepsy, exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities or to certain visual patterns can trigger seizures." Considering this action followed residents reporting habitability concerns to appropriate government agencies, this too appears to be a blatant act of retaliation. 

⛔ Unacceptable! Mocking The Disabled When Injured: In 2017 while he was the manager of Hotel Soto, "Hitler Shirt Guy" is seen on video at responding to a disabled tenant's bloody hit to the head (by another Hotel Soto resident) by cruelly mocking him. How could mocking an injured disabled person be considered anything other than pure evil? 

⛔ Unacceptable! Seeming Lack Of Disability Accommodation: A Hotel Soto resident is seen on video at seemingly dependent on a wheelchair reportedly having no access to a wheelchair lift, ramp, or elevator to get down. In the video he clearly says "I haven't been down in a year." Some of the Hotel Soto seem to be able to afford their luxurious property Mountain Home Lodge in the state of Washington so it seems they should then do the ethical and honorable thing and donate the expense of disability accommodation modifications (such as installing a lift, ramp, and/or elevator) for their disabled upstairs residents. With headlines like "elderly woman fell down an escalator and died of her injuries" this is nothing to take lightly. 

⛔ Unacceptable! Habitability Violations Including Cockroaches & Fire Hazards: Hotel Soto has been cited for a combined 50+ violations by Public Health, Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department, South Coast Air Quality Management District (ADMD). At the documents detail violations including cockroaches.

Fire risk: Despite the headline-making, horrific 2017 fires in California, the tragic Grenfell Tower fire in West London, and the more recent fire in the Bronx area of NYC, NY (which killed 2 children), Hotel Soto had 2 apparent fire hazards labeled as "violation severity level high," a fire extinguisher with a missing hammer to break glass, a missing smoke detector in a resident's home, all while allowing smoking at the building's 2nd floor balcony. Meanwhile disabled tenants resided vulnerable. While the actions of the brave silence breakers who reported habitability concerns to the appropriate government agencies has since resulted in Hotel Soto's management team taking actions to correct the seeming dangers, the fact that the danger occurred in the first place at a time of historic, devastating fires is unconscionable.

West Nile Virus risk: Despite Public Health's website warning of the dangers of West Nile and Zika and advising putting up screen doors and despite Vector Control confirming the presence of mosquitos sat Hotel Soto while 4 West Nile positive cases were reported in this neighborhood, no screen doors are at the Hotel Soto entrances despite requests by residents.

Possible asbestos contaminated material risk: AQMD twice issued notices of corrections regarding asbestos tests not being done prior to renovations in 2016 and also the removal of seeming linoleum type flooring in 2017. Considering headlines like "Prosecutors allege landlord put tenants' lives at risk" it's bewildering how these mangers have evaded being fired and charged with crimes. If failing to repeatedly do the utmost to prevent vulnerable children, seniors, and disabled tenants from confirmed fire risk, possible asbestos contaminated material risk, and West Nile risk, then the law needs to change to ensure this never happens again.

In conclusion:

Owners - you need to apologize and compensate your victims: 

The Hotel Soto managers presided over all of the above mentioned conditions and occurrences. It's long overdue for the Hotel Soto owners to evict them, send them on their way with a restraining order, publicly apologize to the Hotel Soto victims (such as Jeff seen in the videos), cease in-effect seemingly costing the taxpayers money by failing to ensure their building is habitable as required by law, admit their verifiable wrongdoing, and financially compensating their victims properly.

Law enforcement officials and elected officials - you need to investigate and help the victims: 

It's also time for LAPD, the City Attorney, and the District Attorney along with the elected officials who have jurisdiction over this region to publicly condemn the "Hitler Shirt Guy" who presided as a building manager over 50+ violations, investigate what happened at Hotel Soto 2017, and either file applicable criminal charges or if no laws have been broken then work together to create new laws to ensure something this negligent, preventable, cruel, and heinous never happens again. It seems unbelievable that anyone could claim no crimes have been committed when a gun threat is clearly made on video, when a disabled tenant is clearly being mistreated on video, and when one would think some type of negligence laws (such as felony child endangerment) would apply to the possible fire, asbestos contaminated materials, and West Nile risks that have occurred at Hotel Soto. As Los Angeles prepares to host an upcoming Olympics, local leaders must decide if this city and county is a place where displaying the Nazi symbol after making a gun threat and mistreating disabled tenants is acceptable or not. Let's hope not. 

At you can learn more about how you can help the Hotel Soto victims. 

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Petition signers, thank you for standing with the victims of Hotel Soto. 

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