Demand for Investigation/Audit of Clarksdale Public Utilities and Proposed Bill of Rights

Demand for Investigation/Audit of Clarksdale Public Utilities and Proposed Bill of Rights

August 2, 2022
Petition to
Clarksdale Public Utilities Chairman and General Manager James Humber and Curtis Boschert
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Why this petition matters

Started by Cassandra Wilson

Clarksdale, Mississippi is powered by a municipally owned utilities company named Clarksdale Public Utilities. This company, while owned by the city of Clarksdale, operates like a privately owned company.

That is to say, the citizens of Clarksdale, Mississippi have little to no knowledge or say so in how this company is run. First and foremost, utility rates are ridiculous. There is very little transparency outside of an itemized bill that lists things like fuel adjustment cost that Clarksdale citizens don’t understand.

There is evidence of corruption, and even the belief by many that race is a factor in how Clarksdale Public Utilities operates. The following are in demand:

Investigation/ Audit of Clarksdale Public Utilities Actions and Operation of CPU

Detailed Explanation of Fuel Adjustment Cost and how they are calculated per household

Incorporating a proposed bill of rights for citizens

We are calling for a roundtable meeting with the chairman of the Clarksdale Public Utilities, Chairman James Humber and General Manager Curtis Boschert.  We will be represented by Cassandra Wilson, Stanley Clark, and Marvin Reddick. If legal representation is required, that is fine.

Specifically, we need to know the following:

1.  Why are the utility rates so ridiculously high for Clarksdale Public Utilities rate payers? 

2.  If we are generating the energy in two power plants in Clarksdale, then why are we purchasing energy from outside sources for Clarksdale residents?

3.  What are fuel adjustments and why are they as high as utility charges for some customers?

4.  We understand that an outside entity is being paid to read the so-called smart meters.  What is the reason for the inconsistencies in charges? To be clear we have residents living in less than one thousand square foot homes with bills comparable if not larger than homes twice the square footage.  We have homes of the same square footage in different areas of the city being charged considerably more.  And we are going to be honest with you, we are seeing evidence of racial disparity?

5.  We want to know who we are selling energy to?  How much money is being generated? And how it's helping us the residence bound to the natural monopoly?

6.  Are there individuals receiving free or reduced utilities rates?  If so, who and why?

7.  Finally the “Bill of Rights”, it is a must.  Mr. Boschert has had a copy in his possession since 2019.  We are prepared to discuss it, but we plan to have it implemented by whatever means necessary.

Please have subject matter experts available to address the aforementioned issues.  If more clarity is needed, please reach out to us at your convenience.  

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Signatures: 620Next Goal: 1,000
Support now

Decision Makers

  • James Humber and Curtis BoschertClarksdale Public Utilities Chairman and General Manager