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Demand Fair Trial and Access to Justice for All of Iranian Prisoners in Malaysia.

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A communique by a number of civil activists

A group of Iranians have been arrested by the Malaysian police with the allegation of smuggling drugs and are currently imprisoned. We, a group of social activists, are very sorry to see the occurrence of such crimes and, while condemning any activity in relation to drugs, and without any intention to intervene in the judicial policies of the Malaysian state, express our protest and concern on the following matters:

A) Unfair capital punishment issued for a number of Iranians in Malaysian courts
B) Inhuman conditions of the trial (before trial, during trial and after trial)
C) Inhuman jail conditions for prisoners
D) Prisoners lack of access to medicines and proper medications
E) Prisoners lack of access to legal services, legal advice and consular services
F) Long waiting time for an initial trial

Most of the arrestees and the condemned are from poor Iranian families and have become voluntary or involuntary victims of drug smugglers. They have not received due support from the Iranian embassy, and are deprived from fair conditions in questionings and trials. Thus, heavy punishments issued for them, mostly death penalty, without standards of just process, are to be seriously questioned.

Based on the information we have from inside the Malaysian prisons, the conditions for these people are very inhumane and without the prison standards.

They all have to wait very long before the first trial and it is unbelievable that some, including some Iranians, wait more than two years for a trial that might lead to them being proved not guilty.

Continuation of the current situation has seriously and thoroughly threatened the fundamental and human rights of these individuals.

We, thus, declare our serious protest against these conditions and the decrees issued for these individuals. We ask the Malaysian government and the judiciary of this country to treat this group of prisoners according to international standards of human rights and to immediately stop the death penalties issued for them.

We demand fair trial and access to justice for all of Iranian prisoners in Malaysia. We demand immediate improve of jail conditions and prisoners access to health care system ( Medication). We demand access to qualified legal services, legal advice and consular services.

We demand the Judiciary of Malaysia, Iranian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, United Nations Human Rights Council, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other human rights organizations internationally to quickly visit Malaysian prisons and meet with the individuals listed here and pay attention to the guaranteeing of human rights for these prisoners and their fair treatment. We ask them to request from the Malaysian government, a serious execution of human rights standards.


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