Demand Facebook Transparency: Waste-Ed is NOT Russia State Media

Demand Facebook Transparency: Waste-Ed is NOT Russia State Media

July 14, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by WEC LLC


You’re the ones who get to call us out. 

You’re the ones who fact-check us and let us know what matters. 

You’re the ones who hold us accountable. And you know we listen, because that’s how we built this community together.

Waste-Ed is what it is today because of you.

Our mission has always been to make sustainability education, radical eco-optimism and purposeful, powerful change-making community accessible to everyone. It’s our reason for being, our passionate purpose, our just cause. It’s why we get up and get to work every morning, and it’s (probably) why you’re here reading this right now. 

We have not been able to do this critical work since February. 

And for nearly two years leading up to February, we did it with a false “disclaimer” labeling us inaccurately as Russian state-controlled media.


We had a client in Russia, to whom we sold social media content. Content we created independently and that we’re really proud of. Content that’s purpose-driven and deeply rooted in our mission to make positive change. Period. 

When Putin invaded Ukraine at the end of February, we unilaterally canceled our service agreement with this client. We stopped selling them our videos. End of story. 

We also unilaterally made the difficult decision to halt posting on our channels, until the false “disclaimer” on our Meta and TikTok pages is removed. We unequivocally condemn the actions of the Russian state, and simply aren’t willing to risk our brands’ further implication in the crisis of misinformation – made exponentially worse by Putin’s war – in which we find ourselves today. 

It has been 20 weeks since we canceled our contract with the Russian client. In that time we have contacted the heads of cybersecurity at Meta and TikTok weekly at least – first requesting, then pleading for an honest and transparent review of our business and its activities, and we have been consistently ignored. 

Enough is enough. This guilt by association because we once did business in Russia is preventing us from doing business at all. It’s discriminatory, it’s unfair, and it has to stop. The need for Waste-Ed’s critical work in helping you save the world doesn’t disappear because of Facebook’s bullshit. 

We know you’re still out there fighting. We see you, and we know you miss Waste-Ed. 

So we’re turning to you for help. 

Please SIGN and SHARE the petition below. Join us in calling on Meta and TikTok to fully review Waste-Ed and planted’s pages FAIRLY and TRANSPARENTLY. It’s literally the least they can do: It’s what Meta states publicly as their policy for application of their disclaimer, and it is something we have been denied since the disclaimer was applied in June 2020. 

We are proud of what we have built — independent of anyone’s control, editorial or otherwise — and we have the receipts; all we’re asking for is the opportunity to show them to the powers that be. 

We know who we are. We know you know who we are. It’s past time for Big Tech to get on our level. 

This is happening, have faith in it: A global transformation of universal scale. A massive human awakening is underway, mindsets are shifting, and we are flowing to a place where manipulative and divisive distractions will no longer work to disconnect and disempower us. Because we are unbreakably connected – to one another and to our Home. 

In deep gratitude to you, this incredible community we have built together. 

The Waste-Ed team

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Signatures: 912Next Goal: 1,000
Support now