EU: Close down the dog concentration camps in Romania!

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Shut Down the Illegal dogs concentration camps from Romania!

Despite the existent law that enforce minimal conditions for a shelter to function legally in Romania, the reality is, most of the time, horrific:

Either shelters funded from public money don’t make the necessary investments, either shelters are too poor to afford these investments, either – in some cases, unfortunately, the animal lovers or even some charities prefer to keep dogs in horrific conditions to get foreign people’s pity and donations and in some cases, charity/ies “put to sleep” hundreds of dogs annually and refuse to explain publicly the reason for taking these dogs' lives.

All these happen under the merciful or ignorant ANSVSA's eyes, institution financed partially from EU funds. 

Across Romania, thousands of dogs, often captured not because they were aggressive, but because were easy to be catch are crowded in dark, smelly metallic boxes, living in misery, day after day, eating each other to survive, dying because of infectious diseases. Assuming some dogs were aggressive, keeping them in overpopulated cells, in misery and malnourished is not  "rehabilitation" and certainly is not humane. By letting these places, where the infectious diseases are not efficiently controlled, to function under the indifferent authorities' eyes, put the pets and human population at risk. 

Illegal shelters exist across Romania and the sole authority enforced to control these places, the National Veterinary Authority, ANSVSA, let them continue to function.

Together we can demand the European Commission to:

  1. Demand ANSVSA to control the shelters (especially the ones funded from public funds, but private shelters also)
  2. Make sure each shelter meets at least the minimal conditions, as required by current laws, to function legally
  3. Shut down immediately all the shelters who previously have been fined and who presently doesn’t have a legal shelter, as requested by the law
  4. Demand all the shelters to have contract with a veterinary who can publicly proof the reasons why the dogs have been euthanized.

If you turn back your head or shut down this webpage these problems will not be gone. Contrarily, you can do something to change this desperate situation!
Speak up today for your voiceless friends!