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Demand Etsy Issue A Public Statement Of Apology For Their Handling Of Pro-Rape Shirt Issue

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What could have been an opportunity for Etsy to stand in solidarity with those members of their community who do not support rape culture, child abuse, and elder abuse, instead became yet another painful reminder of the silencing of those voices.

In light of the recent situation involving an Etsy seller selling t-shirts advocating rape and sexual violence, many members of the Etsy community took to the Etsy forums to voice their disappointment and outrage. The shirts in question featured such slogans as, "Autumn Is Perfect For Date Rape.", "Old People Are Useless. You Can't Even Rape Them", and "I'm A Sensitive Guy. I Only Rape Pregnant Women".

These forum posts called for the immediate removal of the shop in question. As such, the forums quickly became a chorus of many different voices expressing their outrage against rape culture. Etsy administration monitored these threads, abruptly closing them and stating the reason for removal as: "discussing a shop in a negative and unconstructive manner."

Members of the community repeatedly reminded Etsy administration that rape, child abuse, sexual violence, and items condoning these acts could be not be discussed in a positive and constructive manner. Etsy continued to shut down threads of protest against the shop, silencing the outrage and the personal stories of victims and all who stand in opposition of abuse of any kind. During the time that many of these voices were silenced, the offending t-shirts were still for sale on Etsy.

As of this writing, many members of the Etsy community have asked Etsy to issue a public statement of apology regarding their belligerent and disrespectful handling of a situation which should have been handled with support and sensitivity. Etsy continues to monitor and immediately close down these threads without apology. Victims of abuse have emerged to tell their stories and demand apology from Etsy and Etsy continues to silence them, citing Terms Of Use with canned responses.

Publicly silencing those who speak out against injustice in any form is unacceptable. Publicly silencing those who demand an apology for being silenced is unacceptable. We ask that Etsy temporarily look beyond their forum Terms Of Use and toward the bigger picture -a picture which should reflect the stance that Etsy takes on rape, abuse, and violence.

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