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Demand EPA to Reduce Carbon Emissions And Truck Traffic By 15% Nationally

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It is the duty of our government (the elected officials) to regulate when our industries are doing environmental harm. That duty has led to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and laws seeking to reduce carbon emissions, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NSTSA) to protect our highways. 

By signing this petition, you will:

  • Demand the Senate Committees and relevant agencies require U.S. retailers to allow shipments on sustainable and recyclable paper pallets. Today, more leading U.S. retailers do not allow paper pallets, thereby blocking the U.S. market to this proven environmentally-friendly technology. CTP Public Good Document

  • Tell states, cities, universities and other public entities to lead by requiring shipments to public entities to be sent on corrugated paper pallets.


Change can happen:

In the 1980’s, leading car manufacturers fought tooth and nail to block airbags. A generation later, the lives of tens of thousands of Americans have been saved thanks to concerned Americans that lobbied for lives to trump profit (more on this here).

Just like airbags were proven to save lives well before adoption, today there is a proven technology to reduce carbon emissions and truck traffic by 15%. U.S. retailers are blocking that technology. is committed to cutting U.S. emissions by hundreds of millions of metric tons by 2025 through the national implementation of corrugated paper pallets. Please join us today in telling government officials that we need to act NOW to open the U.S. market.


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