Demand Doug Ford's Resignation for Corrupt Greenbelt Land Sale!

Demand Doug Ford's Resignation for Corrupt Greenbelt Land Sale!

August 12, 2023
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Started by Doug Stephens

As an Ontarian who deeply cares about the preservation of our natural spaces and the integrity of our government, I am calling on all concerned citizens to join me in demanding the immediate resignation of Premier Doug Ford. It is with great disappointment and outrage that I address the corrupt sale of greenbelt lands to preferred developers under his leadership.

The greenbelt is a vital part of Ontario's ecosystem, protecting our farmland, forests, and watersheds from urban sprawl. It serves as a sanctuary for wildlife, provides clean air and water, and offers recreational opportunities for countless residents. However, recent reports have exposed a disturbing pattern of backroom deals between Premier Ford's administration and favored developers.

According to the newly released Auditor General's report , it has come to light that several parcels of greenbelt lands were sold at significantly reduced prices to developers with close ties to the government. These sales were made without proper public consultation or transparency measures in place.

This blatant disregard for ethical governance not only undermines public trust but also threatens Ontario's natural heritage. The protection provided by the greenbelt is essential for maintaining biodiversity, mitigating climate change impacts, and ensuring sustainable land use practices. By allowing these lands to be exploited for personal gain rather than serving their intended purpose, Premier Ford has failed his duty as a leader entrusted with safeguarding our environment.

Furthermore, this scandalous behavior perpetuates a culture of corruption within our government institutions. Ontarians deserve honest leadership that prioritizes their interests over personal connections or financial gains. We cannot allow politicians like Premier Ford to continue abusing their power at the expense of our collective well-being.

By signing this petition today, we demand accountability from Premier Doug Ford by calling for his immediate resignation over his involvement in the corrupt sale of greenbelt lands. We urge the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, to take swift action in response to this breach of public trust and appoint a leader who will prioritize the protection and preservation of our natural spaces.

Together, let us send a powerful message that Ontarians will not tolerate corruption within our government. Our voices matter, and by standing united, we can ensure a brighter future for our province—one that is built on integrity, transparency, and respect for our environment.

Sign now to demand Doug Ford's resignation and protect Ontario's greenbelt!

Note: This petition is personal to me because I believe in the importance of honest and transparent leadership. Ontarians deserve leaders who prioritize their interests over personal gain. The corrupt sale of greenbelt lands under Premier Ford's administration is an egregious violation of public trust that cannot go unaddressed. Let us come together as concerned citizens to hold him accountable for his actions!


This petition made change with 3,337 supporters!

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