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On 7-27-13 Bernadette Schwenn was arrested on: (please see below for why she was arrested)

- 10 Counts Felony Animal Cruelty
- 2 Counts Misdemeanor Animal Cruelty
- 18 Counts Improper Care and Attention of Animal

On 7-29-13, the Judge ordered:

-$50,000 bond stays in place for current charges.
-Increased bond from $2500 to $5000 on previous charge
-SCHWENN cannot possess any animals pending trial
Nor can she be around them
-DA wants to raise bail hearing is August 1st...8:30am

On August 1st the judge ordered that Bernadette Schwenn could not be released on her own recognizance.  He ordered that her bail remain the same.

NEXT HEARING DATE is AUGUST 21st at 8:30am in Dept. 3N.  This is the Prelminary hearing where the DA must prove there is enough evidence to substantiate the charges.  Leadership comes from the top down.  The DA needs to take note that abuse to animals is a stepping stone to abuse to humans.

What we want now:

-There to be NO BAIL- Schwenn is a flight risk, she has no family and no ties to the community.  She uses aliases and has skipped town before. 

-Bernadette Schwenn get 9 years in jail for her horrific killing of innocent animals and NOT BE RELEASED even with budgetary restrictions of the prison system

-No possession of animals or contact with animals for the remainder of her life

-Search for mass graves on the Schwenn parcel

 -Demand that NO dogs be euthanized.  Rescue groups stand ready to care for all of them.

-Demand that all of the puppies under the care of Bernadette's friend from the July 1, 2013 arrest be immediately turned over to Animal Control as evidence.  That friends name is Elizabeth Coles.

-Support of elected officials for an animal abuse registry to track people like Bernadette Schwenn who move from county to county using aliases. 



Please LIKE the Facebook Page: Help STOP Desert Dog Death Camp as that is where up to date information will be posted. We need to send a clear message to Schwenn, elected officials and the justice system that Animal Abuse WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

A dog hoarder is living in a surreal tent/tarp in the remote desert about 20 miles from Palm Springs. No food, no water, no electricity. Daytime temperatures in this region can reach 120 degrees, with temps near the ground reaching 135.

There are a minimum of 25 to 35 dogs, not including three or four litters that were just born. Of 40 newborns, 26 died from being cooked by exposure. There are still multiple pregnant females who are ready to deliver any day.  Year over year this has been allowed to happen.  The hoarder has had criminal violations in multi-counties in California but no one has stopped her.

The hoarder is a local who owns the parcel she is camped on. She has no car and walks each morning to a main road where she hitches into a nearby town and spends the day in an air conditioned place. Each night she does this in reverse, hitches back up the main road, then walks a mile or more into her camp (and she uses a walker). She is unable to carry food and water in to take care of the dogs.

Even though there are many dogs still alive on the property, it is likely many hundreds of dogs have suffered and died over the years from the heat, starvation and lack of water. There have been at least 9 dead dogs in the last two months.

Recently one of the young males died after being mauled as he tried to re-enter the camp after dark. There is not enough shade anywhere and during the day some of the dogs go off into the desert to squeeze under sagebrush for shade. When they re-enter the camp at night they have to crawl on their belly with their head down. This obviously does not always protect them from being torn to pieces.

Animal Control said it cannot go on the property because the owner has filed 3 lawsuits against them for trespassing.

Animal Control made this statement in a search warrant... "A minimum of 11 visits to the property have been conducted to date by DAS Animal Control Officers… adult dogs were seen on the property during various visits as well as pups ranging from new born to six weeks old. Some visits water and food was present and other visits no water of food was available. Temperatures reached upwards of 105 degrees… Several pups were seen one day and not another. The smell of rotting flesh is prevalent." 

Demand Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit and the other Supervisors, investigate the handling of this situation and take action.


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