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Demand D.J. Bell Receive His Fair Share of Utah Victims Reparations Fund

D.J. Bell, a South Salt Lake Resident was brutally beaten in a gay-bashing by his neighbors after they falsely believed that he had kidnapped two of their children in July 2008. South Salt Lake Police, detectives and prosecutors shortly thereafter put on a sham trial where David J. Bell was fully acquitted of the charges and where the jury called the whole trial a travesty of justice and waste of taxpayer funds. Now nearly 3 years have passed and D.J. Bell was recently denied access to the Utah Office of Victims Reparations Fund because as Dana Thomas stated: “You were charged with kidnapping children which appears to be the reason for the attack”. When challenged on this gross injustice her supervisor Melvin Wilson stated: the funds would be denied because Bell brought the attack on himself.

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