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Demand Democratic leaders renounce Trump's war rhetoric

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Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the United States and the world.

He spews childish rhetoric at an unstable, nuclear-armed dictator as if it were a game. He has made existential threats to the entire nation of North Korea and its leader. He is clearly trying to incite Kim Jong Un into making a first strike against this country or our ally, South Korea.

When is enough enough? When will our Senators and Representatives take a stand against this madness? Millions of lives are at stake!

We cannot expect Republican leadership to put decency before party. But we can and do expect Democrats to stand up and speak out now.

It’s time for action.

We demand that every Democratic Senator and Representative appear together before the American people and denounce this president’s inflammatory and reckless rhetoric. 

As concerned citizens, there’s only so much we can do. We can write letters, protest or sign petitions like this. That’s why we voted for our elected officials—to be our voice on the big issues that effect our state, our country and the world.

They must be that voice now!

Donald Trump is tearing our country apart with his racism and diviseness. He and his cabinet of incompetents are doing everything in their power to destroy everything that truly makes our country great, and wipe out the legacy of the first African American president. Their efforts are infuriating and heartbreaking but they can be reversed. 

A nuclear strike against a U.S. city, Guam, South Korea or Japan cannot be reversed. Millions of people will die and we will end up in a catastrophic world war. We cannot allow that to happen.

Please sign and share this petition. The security of our world is at stake. 


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