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Demand Congress publicize taxpayer-funded harassments settlements

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Did you know that Congress is using taxpayer money to protect harassers in government from being held accountable to their actions? Since its creation 20 years ago, Congress has spent over $15 million to settle cases of harassment brought against lawmakers.

Sign my petition to demand transparency from Congress and to hold both parties accountable to preventing harassment at any level of government.

In addition to the lack of transparency, the reporting process makes it very difficult to hold harassers accountable. Before a formal complaint can be filed, accusers are required to wait thirty days for both counseling and mediation, in addition to sign a non-disclosure agreements. This last requirement prevents accusers from ever speaking about the case or warning their coworkers about a predatory employee.

Sexual misconduct and other inappropriate conduct should not be tolerated at any level of government, no matter the party or ideological persuasion. Both men and women staff members have the right to expect professional conduct and a safe working environment. Parents should have confidence that the internships their sons and daughters take in government will not put them in danger of being harassed.

Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisle must be held to account for their actions, just as any other citizen in a civil society. How do I cast my vote for a candidate if I don’t have important information on their behavior representing me in Washington DC?

It is dishonest to create special privileges for legislators to get away with predatory behavior and intolerable to set up a taxpayer-funded slush fund to settle complaints with no public disclosure or accountability.

We demand that the leadership of both parties in the House and Senate disclose names on whose behalf payment was made and the category of claim. We demand accountability and transparency on the part of those elected to serve.  

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