Demand cessation of daytime construction at SFU

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The quality of education and research at Simon Fraser University is disintegrating as a result of the intrusive construction at Burnaby campus.

In many classrooms, lecturers cannot be heard over the din of jackhammers. Exams written in such environments are unethical. High budget scientific experiments are at risk of being ruined by unpredictable power outages. More construction sites are being opened than are being completed. These issues have now defined SFU for years.

The goal of this petition is to quantify the number of affected faculty, students and staff who cannot carry out their studies, research, or jobs as a result of the renovations. By signing this petition, we will demonstrate that it is in the university's best interest to open dialogue between its bureaucracy, and those affected by the construction. The petition will be sent to SFU's Chief Facilities officer with a proposed solution that loud construction operations be limited to night time hours.

In addition to drawing from public tax money, SFU has been given large grants from the federal government to conduct their expansions. SFU tuition has also continued to increase for years. With such a large budget to work with, it is fair to ask that these renovations be limited to outside of lecture hours. We are paying for these upgrades. Construction projects are also consistently missing their deadlines, so most students will have graduated before they can benefit from their investments. If expansions are to take such long amounts of time to complete, they should at least be conducted outside lecture hours to avoid impeding operations of the university.

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