Demand Canadian Media Tell the Truth About Vaping Illness

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For the past several months Canadian Media (CTV News, CBC News, and Global News) has continued to report about vaping related illnesses and death, without mentioning that the Centre for Disease Control has confirmed these illnesses are related to illegal THC vapes, mixed with vitamin e acetate. 

Failure to do so leaves Canadians at risk. Without informing the public, those who use marijuana vapes, mixed with vitamin e acetate, could be vulnerable to the vaping illness that has killed dozens in the US.

Health Canada has regulated the legal nicotine vaping industry since 2018. All legal nicotine e-liquids are made in certified labs, and tested regularly. NO ONE HAS BECOME ILL FROM LEGAL NICOTINE VAPES.

Canadian Media have invested months in misinformation campaigns. Any resulting illnesses attributed to vaping illegal marijuana vapes could have been avoided with the TRUTH.

Media report of the Centre for Disease Control findings:


Millions of people around the world, for over a decade, have used vaping to quit smoking. No one died. Most experienced health improvements. 

CBC has NEVER reported the real cause of the vaping illnesses, leaving Canadians at risk, and frightening others away from a product that could save their life. 


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