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Students at Belmont University in Tennessee want to form a group specifically for LGBT students. They've been working on forming the group for more than two years, and even received permission from student organizations to launch the group. There's just one problem: administrators at Belmont University won't allow the group to form. They say it violates their Christian principles.

But is giving gay students the chance to form their own club really something that violates the tenets of Christianity? Isn't Christianity supposed to be about building community with your friends, neighbors...and even those who disagree with you?

Belmont University says they're committed to diversity and respect. But it's quite disrespectful to squash efforts by Belmont students to form a group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight ally students. Send the University a message that their actions are wrong, and that they should respect the wishes of most of the student body population, which has no problem with an LGBT group on campus.

Letter to
Director, Office of Communications Greg Pillon
Dean of Students Andrew Johnston
President Bob Fisher
and 2 others
Vice President Todd Lake
Provost Thomas Burns
Recently I became aware of efforts on the campus of Belmont University to organize an official student group for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, as well as straight allies. This move has overwhelming support from students, with more than 600 Belmont students signing a petition saying that the group should launch. Moreover, student groups have given their approval to the launch of the group.

Yet the administration at Belmont University continues to block this gay student group from forming. Instead, University officials gave gay students the opportunity to meet for a couple hours per month in what is generically called a discussion group. But this doesn't really foster community among students at Belmont, nor does it provide gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students (as well as straight allies) with any official capacity to come together.

Your school says that it has a commitment to diversity, a commitment to respect all students, and a commitment to build community among your student body. I'd really like to see you live up to that mission by allowing a gay student group to form on campus. This isn't about politics or forcing your school to change any particular set of beliefs; it is about acknowledging what your students are asking for, and that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students exist on your campus.

Many thanks for your time.

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