Demand BC Greens use their kingpin position to stop Site C

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In 2017, British Columbia made history.

After years of a two-party system, voters demanded change and elected the western world's first Green caucus, sending BC Green MLA's to the Legislature - a third-party referee to hold the minority NDP government to account.

After signing The Confidence and Supply Agreement (CASA), the Greens offered British Columbians a new form of oversight.

 Then Site C Dam happened.

After failing to acknowledge the science, research, and the breach of indigenous rights, the NDP government proceeded with the dam that had ballooned by almost double its original budget, effectively killing thousands of jobs in community renewable energy projects, and burdening BC Hydro with insurmountable debt.

Site C's power isn't needed, and much of it will be sold at a deep discount, threatening further insolvency for the province's utility.

You and I will pay higher electricity rates for decades, the dam will run perpetually at a loss while large corporations will reap the benefit of below-market discounts.

The BC Greens have yet to use the most important tools in their limited toolbox to hold the government to account as they promised to do, instead voting collectively in confidence on most major legislation, propping up the government's power, long after the C.A.S.A. between the two parties has been breached.

Send a clear message to the Greens that enough is enough. We are counting on them to act.

Site C has been cited by the United Nations and Amnesty International as unacceptable, along with key economists, environmental organizations, and human rights groups.

Demand that the BC Green caucus utilize their most powerful weapon and refuse any future confidence votes unless Site C is immediately cancelled.