Demand an independent public inquiry into the police killing of George Nkencho!

Demand an independent public inquiry into the police killing of George Nkencho!

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Why this petition matters

Started by YARI Ireland

On the 30th of December 2020 George Nkencho, a 27 year old footballer and beloved member of his community in Dublin 15, was shot dead by Gardaí outside his home, becoming the first black man to be killed by police in Ireland.

GSOC - the Garda Ombudsman responsible for conducting the investigation into George's death - has failed to conduct its investigation and make a report on this killing over 16 months on.

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  • The GSOC inquiry has already failed international human rights and legal standards of a timely, thorough and independent investigation.
  • They failed to get evidence, footage and witness testimony in a timely and efficientvmanner. Bullet casings weren’t fully accounted and vital video footage not authenticated for months.
  • It was four weeks before GSOC interviewed the members of George's family who witnessed what happened.
  • It was 11 weeks before GSOC took formal statements from the armed Gardaí present on the day.
  • None of the Gardaí who fired shots that day have been suspended from duty pending the investigation.
  • GSOC assured the family that their investigation would be concluded before the first anniversary of George's killing. Now 16 months have passed and nothing.
  • Incredibly, Gardaí often investigate on GSOC's behalf – Gardaí investigating Gardaí – and when an investigation is concluded, it is the Garda Commissioner who decides what action will be taken.
  • Last year the Commission on the Future of Policing recommended that completely independent investigations into actions of Gardaí are necessary.

GSOC and Gardaí have no credibility to produce a thorough account. Any inquiry must be independent and must be open and transparent for all to see, particularly George’s family and the community of Dublin 15.

This petition is organised by Youth Against Racism and Inequality (YARI). Share this petition and/or follow @antiracism.irl on instagram or email to join YARI activists in D15 and nationally in supporting the Nkencho family's quest for "truth and justice".

69 have signed. Let’s get to 100!