Demand Afrodescendants Be Given Reparations for Slavery

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Afrodescendants, slave descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, deserve reparations as a result of 400 years chattel slavery.

As "minorities" in the western hemisphere, we do not enjoy full equality before the law due to the total destruction of our essence, our identity, which, as we have seen, is the loss of our identity internationally.

By reuniting ourselves to the human family through having our human rights recognized and restored, we believe reparations, emancipation, and repatriation can be achieved.

Our continued effort will be the catalyst that brings us together as a Nation.

This means -- no matter what religion we now practice, no matter what organization we belong to, no matter where we live – we have a common bond.

As a result of the aforementioned, our goal is to submit a petition with 50,000 signatures in support of reparations for Afrodescendants.

The Honorable Silis Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer of the Lost Found Afrodescendant Nation of Islam, will then take the signed petitions to the appropriate body within the United Nations to move our demands forward.