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Demand Action on Racist Harvard Deportation Notices


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This week, in an attempt to prey upon the fears of minority students, several student groups at Harvard posted fake deportation notices throughout the dormitories, shocking recipients into believing that a fellow student was being “detained indefinitely.” 

It is clear their intention was to create panic with the threat of these notices, and that’s exactly what they did. Countless students live every day in fear they may lose an undocumented family member or even the threat of deportation themselves. It’s no wonder many of those Harvard students reported feeling disturbed and terrified. 

Further, we are dismayed to see that once again, Israel is unfairly delegitimized and misrepresented in the context of what are otherwise critical issues, forcing Jewish students to defend themselves against inaccurate and misleading lies.  Equally unsettling was the timing of the circulation of the notices: Passover. To pull this kind stunt at a time when a significant population of the Harvard community was in religious observance cannot be overlooked. Given the recent rise of anti-Semitic acts and threats across the country, it is abhorrent that these groups would intentionally choose a Jewish holiday to level these accusations, and shows a severe lack of respect for the Jewish community. 

We stand together with the Harvard community in our outrage over this desperate attempt to gain attention, and we condemn this effort to tear us apart. It is a shameful use of deliberate scare tactics meant to score cheap political points at the expense of some of the most marginalized members of the community.

The undersigned call upon the Harvard administration to take immediate action to ensure this never happens again so that students campus-wide, regardless of their race, religion, or ethnicity, can feel safe and respected.

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