Demand Justice from Temple University #DefundthePolice

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The Philadelphia Police department has punished protesters on countless occasions since the city has mobilized in solidarity for George Floyd. Teamed up with the National Guard and a gang of white vigilantes, PPD is engaging in warfare against its own people. Video evidence confirms that tear gas and rubber bullets have been fired at crowds all over the city. After thousands made it onto the I-676 with peaceful intentions, they were trapped and assaulted with tear gas and around 50 were arrested at random. Helicopter footage shows officers pulling off protester's masks to spray tear gas directly into their faces and gassed some already laying face down in handcuffs.

Officers were given permission to cover their badge numbers as they arrest peaceful protesters and have been caught abusing black bodies in the process - including at least one student from Temple University. Several officers from the 26th precinct were seen fraternizing with armed counter-protesters in Northeast Philadelphia (photo and video evidence uploaded to instagram/twitter). They gave white agitators permission to violate curfew and guard police stations with baseball bats, which they later used to threaten protesters and people of color while shouting slurs. One reporter was beaten for recording the confrontation, which the police witnessed and ignored. They were too busy gassing and arresting protesters for being outside.

Temple University and Temple Health are listed as corporate partners of the Philadelphia Police Foundation, along with UPenn, ComCast, IBC and more. PPD has the largest budget allocation out of any city services, and Mayor Kenney has proposed to increase it by more than $19 million while resources like public health, homeless services, parks and libraries are all being cut. Despite their massive funding, the Philadelphia Police Foundation raises money from corporate sponsors to buy weapons, riot gear and surveillance technology. Temple University claims that "racism within our community is not tolerated," but they are willing to fund the very institution that suppresses the message of #BlackLivesMatter in our city. It is well known that Temple has been actively gentrifying North Philadelphia for decades, and has expanded its police surveillance beyond campus through its ties with Philadelphia Police. Vice President of Public Affairs, William Bergman founded Temple's partnership with PPD in 1996 following a 27-year career in law enforcement.

It is time to say it loud and clear that we as students, alumni and residents of Philadelphia firmly oppose Temple's active participation in militarizing our police force. #DefundthePolice