Demand Justice from Temple University #DefundthePolice

I'm signing because I was verbally harassed and physically assaulted by a former student (unfortunate last roommate situation, I had no idea he was a dropout). The Temple PD and Philadelphia PD did absolutely nothing to help me out, did not believe my claims and did not believe my genuine worry for my safety. Also, I was robbed at gunpoint in my off-campus housing (two blocks from campus) and the perp's were never found. The PD's resources clearly aren't divested into solving crimes or protecting the community. DEFUND THE POLICE AND INVEST IT IN THE COMMUNITY. PHILADELPHIA NEEDS $$$ in the hands of citizens, not police. WHY TF are the police militarized? TAKE THE TANKS AWAY. TAKE THE TEAR GAS AWAY. TAKE THE RUBBER BULLETS AWAY. PROTECT YOUR STUDENTS. MAKE ME PROUD TO BE AN OWL.

Gabrielle Radcliffe, Philadelphia, PA, United States
2 years ago
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