Demand a Special Commission Investigation Into Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria Death Toll

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More Americans died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria than on September 11th, and in Hurricane Katrina.

It's been 9 months since Hurricane Maria, and we are just now finding out that over 4,600 people died from the storm. That death toll is dramatically higher than what lawmakers first told us -- including President Trump who, in the aftermath of the storm, said that only 17 people died. How did U.S. and Puerto Rican authorities get the death toll number so wrong?

Join with concerned citizens and demand that Congress create a special commission to investigate how thousands of deaths happened and went unreported by our government.

Hurricane Maria was the deadliest natural disaster in over a century. When thousands of Americans are killed, we deserve thorough answers from the government as to what happened.

Just like after September 11th, when a special commission was established to find out what happened after the loss of so many lives, we need a Hurricane Maria Commission Investigation of similar magnitude. There should be accountability for what happened at all levels of government that kept hidden the fact that 4,600 Americans died during this storm, and helps ensure that no future natural disaster comes close to claiming this many lives.