Revive Deltona's Recycling Program

Revive Deltona's Recycling Program

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The city of Deltona, FL, located in Volusia county suspended their recycling program on February 1, 2019 due to raw recyclable materials not being purchased by processing countries. 


The majority of cities remaining in Volusia County still maintain their recycling program as well as bordering counties, such as Seminole County. 


Due to Deltona suspending this program, all recyclable material is ending up in Volusia county landfills instead of being properly processed and causing environmental damage.

The county currently operates 15 recycling drop off locations. However, not every resident of Deltona can spare time in their day to gather their recyclable material to bring it to a drop off.

As previously stated, recyclable material takes up space in the landfills and is not good for the environment. The city of Deltona preaches "Keep Deltona beautiful."

Additionally, with the massive growth the city is currently undergoing a major economic turn. This means more residents, and more waste to be produced. Recyclable waste, that will take up space in the landfill instead of being reused like it should.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency:

Recycling will reduce the size of landfills, conserve natural resources, increase economic security, prevents pollution, saves energy, supports AMERICAN manufacturing, and helps create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries in the U.S.


Part of the reason this program was suspended was due to the cost to the city and its residents. A way to lower this cost would be to distribute documentation of the proper recycling procedures required by Volusia County's recycling program.

It can be found here:

However, not every citizen has access to this site. Additionally, a stronger effort to inform residents about how to properly clean recyclable items and what is recyclable can be implemented. This will help lower the overall cost of the program by ensuring items that cannot be recycled don't contaminate a load. As well as ensuring that countries like China that have created stricter importing rules regarding recyclable goods don't reject them.  

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