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Delta Township Board: Rewrite Animal Zoning Ordinance to Allow Domestic Mini Pig Breeds

Pigs are highly intelligent, very clean, and are truly loving animals. They make amazing pets for dedicated and responsible owners, and mini pigs are an excellent alternative for people who have allergies to dogs and cats, as well as being excellent therapy, support, and service animals for special needs individuals.

Currently, Delta Township has two ordinances that appear to be in conflict: one which defines swine as livestock prohibited in residential areas and one which includes general language that could cover pot bellied pigs as household pets. Domestic mini pigs, including pot bellied pigs, do not fit the definition of livestock, and should not be removed from safe, loving homes, with responsible and caring owners.  Laws should be updated to reflect the difference between 'livestock' and 'domestic pets'.

Other jurisdictions have addressed this same issue and now allow domestic mini pigs as pets, requiring owners to neuter and license them and provide a health certificate from a veterinarian. Local ordinances can also set weight restrictions and require fencing or other humane methods that prevent running at large.

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