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Allow Beekeeping in Residential Areas of Delta Township

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The decline and importance of honey bees has received worldwide attention in recent years.  The factors contributing to the decline are varied and not fully understood.  However, the impact is clear.  According to the USDA, "an estimated one-third of all food and beverages are made possible by pollination, mainly by honey bees."  Honey bees alone add over $15 billion in value each year to to crops  in the United States due to increased yields and quality of harvests. (USDA ARS)

As our honey bee populations decline the impacts to our economy and food security are felt by each of us as food prices rise.  The problem is serious enough that in June of 2014, the President issued a memorandum calling for a "Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators".
John P. Holdren, assistant to the President for Science and Technology, summarized the memorandum by saying, "The President has emphasized the need for an “all hands on deck” approach to promoting pollinator health, including engagement of citizens and communities"

Many major cities and communities around the world have made the choice to support beekeepers and honey bees.

Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Holland, Ypsilanti, Traverse City,  Atlanta, New York, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Spokane, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and many others cities permit beekeeping. 

Will Delta Township stand with these cities and allow beekeeping in residential areas?  The current answer is a clear "No".

At its May 2nd board meeting, the Delta Township board decided to uphold a 2007 zoning interpretation that determined beekeeping should only be permitted in areas zoned agricultural. With your support, we can change that!

Just one honey bee hive kept in a Delta Township neighborhood will pollinate flowers and crops up to 2 miles away.  Each colony not only helps your neighborhood gardens produce more, but also helps the farmers down the road.

Please take a moment to sign this petition and let the Delta Township Board know that you want your community to support and allow honey bees and beekeeping in residential areas of Delta Township.


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