Reconsider Your Decision On Delta Animal Shelter Fence

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The Delta County Board of Commissioners recently sent a letter to the Delta Animal Shelter, a shelter that is a non-profit organization and not owned by the county.

They are stating since the Animal shelter is changing locations that they cannot take their fence because it is installed on County Property, regardless if the fence was donated privately or by a grant. 

They explain it as, "It would be similar to a recent case involving a home owner that purchased and installed kitchen cupboards and then removing them when the homeowners moved to a new location. The Court is not favorable to such actions." 

That is a completly wrong analogy to use regarding this case. Plus they were reffering to this case here. As you can see, not even remotely the same.

This is crucial for the animal shelter. They've had nothing but problems over the past year in their current place that the county owns. Everything from water not working, frozen pipes, heating issues, and so much more.

The community has done SO much that they were able to build an entire new location. and over half a million dollars has been donated to open the new facility which will be 7,400 square feet! Over 10 times bigger than their current place! It is important that the county lets them take their fence that was donated to them NOT the county, so the dogs have a safe place to be! You can read more about the project here 

Sign this petition in support of the Delta Animal Shelter and share it with friends and stop our city from doing what is considered morally wrong.

If you would like, you can read the letter sent to the shelter here

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