Petition to stop zoning variance at 5300 Block 8A Avenue, Tsawwassen, BC

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The undersigned ask that Delta City Council NOT give 4th reading to the above noted variance.

Delta City Council has given third reading to a zoning variance at 5361,5375,5385 8A Avenue and 846 53A Street in Tsawwassen. This zoning variance was given over the objections of the neighbourhood residents.

The reasons to not proceed with 4th and final reading are:

1) This development is in violation of the Official Community plan of 2010 which has not been amended

2) This variance gives a 900% increase in the amount of built square footage and is not in keeping with the surrounding neighbourhood. The height of the development, number of units and setbacks are unacceptable to the community

3) These townhomes were presented as being for young families. They proposed price is $800,000+. With current mortgage rates and minimum downpayment, including closing costs, these young families would need $70,000 up front and would have a mortgage payment of $3700 per month. Add likely $300 in strata fees and utilities takes the monthly costs over $4500. This development will not be affordable for most young families

3) Letters of support for the project submitted by the developer are false. Some addresses are given as vacant lots, some letters are not signed, and many are from outside of the municipality

4) Some supporters of the development with no ties to the community were brought to the public meeting by the developer to speak on behalf of the project and were clearly given scripted speeches by the developer. The rules call for only those that have an interest in the property be given speaking time and these individuals clearly had no interest in the property other than to follow the developers bidding

5) City Council did not give adequate notice to the residents on their website of the public meeting and many residents were unaware of the meeting

6) Input from the community given at information sessions appears to have been disregarded and does not form part of the official record. What happened to the citizen input and why wasn't it properly recorded?

7) The developer is a significant campaign contributor to the mayor. This development was approved not taking into account the wishes of the nearby neighbours giving the perception of impartiality

8) Young families were intimidated into not appearing at the meeting 

9) The traffic assessment which covers the impact of the development on the traffic flow was not independently done, it was completed by the developer. It was also done for only for one day and does not reflect the experience of those who use the road on a daily basis.  Doing the study with so little data appears to be a deceptive practice by the developer

The Tsawwassen Action committee asks that Delta City Council delay 4th reading and passage of the bylaw amendment until such time as the community has been fully consulted. The community is not anti development but wants to see a development that is in keeping with the community, has fewer units and includes housing affordable to young families, and has units suitable for seniors and those with disabilities.