End Sexual Harassment in Air Travel #MeToo

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Imagine falling asleep on a flight only to wake up and find the person sitting next to you groping you. Or sitting next to someone on a flight who forcibly tries to kiss you against your will, and keeps touching you despite complaints to flight attendants.

These stories and many others like it happen all the time on flights in the United States, where there's been a 66% increase in reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault on airplanes since 2014. Why aren't U.S. airlines doing more to keep their flights free of sexual harassment and sexual assault?

Delta Airlines, one of the biggest airline carriers in the world, could take a major step forward in ending sexual assault and harassment in the airline industry. Call on Delta to establish clear policies and trainings for employees to help end harassment on flights.

Delta Airlines was sued earlier this year after allegedly mishandling a sexual harassment complaint from a passenger who woke up on a flight between Seattle and Amsterdam to find the passenger sitting next to her touching her inappropriately. This comes on top of hundreds of other stories where passengers (both men and women) have reported on rampant sexual abuse and assault that happens on flights.

It's not just passengers, either. A new report shows that upwards of 70% of flight attendants report experiencing sexual harassment on the job from passengers or other crew members.

It's time for airlines like Delta, who are world leaders in flight, to do more to protect passengers and employees from sexual harassment and sexual assault. Urge Delta to commit to ending sexual harassment on its flights, and help reform the airline industry's lax response to in-flight sexual assault.