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Delta has problems with different people!

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Wanna go on a nice vacation somewhere out of the country? Oh wait, you forgot to call your mom. Your mom doesn't understand English, so you have to talk to her in your language to tell her you're fine. But wait, a few people on the plane start yelling that they feel uncomfortable with you speaking, and so on. What would you do?

December 20, 2016, Adam Saleh(youtuber) and his cousin, Slim Albaher were coming back to New York after a nice vacation. They started speaking Arabic to each other.That's when a passenger 2 rows ahead of them, asked them to stop as she felt uncomfortable. Then 2 other passengers along with more started yelling that they are terrorists and more racist comments. They had tried fighting back, as well as other passengers helped. But Delta had kicked them off the plane and told them to get on the next one to New York.

Some people believe that they have got kicked off not for the language they spoke, but to their behavior, but if you watched both Slim's and Adam's vlogs and recordings of what happened, you can see that there were passengers yelling at them while they were talking to the captain and members of the Delta Airlines.

Adam's Vlog

Slim's Vlog

I believe that this is an important issue to sort out because most people, including myself, speak another language. Most people's parents also might not be able to understand English, which would be why you would have to talk in whichever language. But most importantly, why are we not able to speak whichever language we want to speak? Why are people allowed to dress up however they want to but not speak however?

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