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An Authority to Fine International Airplane Companies

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 I was going to have a flight from Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson to London Heathrow at 11.25 m on 10 March 2017. I checked in on time and went to the gate (E14) to fly to London. The Delta officers at the desk announced that they would give 1000 USA dollars voucher and a hotel room including round rides to hotel to those who give up on their seats and accept to fly next night. After so many announcements, I thought I could help people who urgently needed to be in London next day. As I did not have an urgent business in London next day, I thought I could accept the offer. Then I became volunteer in return for 1000 dollars’ voucher and a hotel room to stay the night. Nevertheless, after the plane took off, I realised that I was cheated. The delta officers (her name was Barbara) lied to me in order to get my seat and sell it more expensively. I was given the voucher, but no hotel room. I was not delivered what I had been promised to. They simply said, no available hotel, and left the desk.


They treated different passengers who gave up on their seats differently. There was explicit double standard. Some was given 4000 Delta dollars’ voucher, some was arranged to fly in business class, some was provided with hotel rooms. I felt discriminated because of my name, physical appearance and accent. They made me feel in that way for the first time in my life. When the Delta Agents were leaving the gate, they were extremely rude.


I contacted the delta customer services, no one solved the problem. The Delta representatives I talked to only acknowledged their “mistakes”, but did nothing to compensate or ease my predicament.  I believe this was not a mistake, but it was a deliberate fraud. They lied to me to make me give up on my seat which they had a chance to sell more expensive. They knew that there was no hotel room available at the time they promised me one. They knew that they would not provide a hotel room, but lied to me and did not deliver what they had promised and left the desk by leaving me there alone.

I had to spend the next 22 hours at the airport, right at the gate (E14) and experienced the most unfair, unjust, tyrant, and cruel moments of my life. I felt desperate, hopeless and insecure. Delta Airlines Company put me in this situation. 


On the top of all of these, after spending the night at the airport, I managed to talk to a delta agent in the morning of 11th March. Her name was Marie Carrillo. I told her that I was deceived by the Delta agents right before my flight to London. I told her my seat was taken from me with the promise that was never delivered. She recognised my problem and reserved a hotel room for me to get some sleep. When I went to hotel (Sheraton Gateway), the receptionist told me there was no room available, and she did not know when the next room would be available. I realised that I was deceived once again and humiliated by the agent Marie Carrillo. Marie Carrillo sent me to the hotel to get rid of me, not to take care of me! 


I was determined to do whatever it takes to get a satisfactory outcome, but I could not find no department, no authority to complain that I felt abused, discriminated, deceived and humiliated by the Delta Airlines Agents. 


I decided to start this petition to raise public awareness that there must be some authorities to complain international flight companies like Delta in case they bully their customers, they act like a mafia! An international public authority must exist and have the right to at least fine those companies when they explicitly violate their passenger rights.


Please publicise this plea! there are 3 billion people using air travel every year. Any of you can be put in a similar situation and get through similar predicaments I described above.


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