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Delran Parents for Full Day Kindergarten

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Delran offered full day kindergarten for 15 years. In 2010, due to budget cuts, kindergarten was moved to half day.

For children to grow and thrive in kindergarten, they need a few very simple things: they need care and attention from their teacher and education support professionals; they need developmentally appropriate activities that engage them as young learners; and they need time to process information and to move between activities.   If Delran wants to close the 'achievement gap,' this is good place to focus.

By laying a strong foundation, full-day kindergarten can boost student performance, access and attainment later in school.


·         Children in full-day kindergarten programs receive 40-50% more instruction than children enrolled in half-day kindergarten programs.

 ·         Children who attend full-day kindergarten spend 30% more time on reading and literacy instruction and 46% more time on mathematics than children in half-day programs.

            Full-day kindergarteners exhibit more independent learning, classroom involvement, productivity in work with peers and reflectiveness than half-day kindergarteners.


The practice of scheduling kindergarten students for only half-day has been more a function of economics (less expensive to schedule two groups of children for half-day each) than of early childhood education concerns.

As parents, educators and state leaders, we have a duty to provide our children with the tools necessary to succeed in life. A large part of this responsibility entails helping them build a solid educational foundation.  

Full-day kindergarten allows young students to develop strong academic, social and emotional skills. 

Viewing half-day kindergarten as a vehicle for saving money is shortsighted. Research shows that investments in quality early childhood programs generate returns of 3-to-1 or more by lowering grade retention and dropout rates later in children’s school careers.  

 We must support our students by providing resources that ensure quality full-day kindergarten programs are available to every child.  

We, as parents of students attending Delran School district, want kindergarten to be restored to a full day program for all Delran students.

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