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I came across an article by Fox 5 news and Pttsburgh Tribune-Review which reported that a resident by the name of Mr. Jim Kistler was notified that having 4 ducks on his property is a violation of a borough ordinance and his facing a fine of $500 per day for having the four ducks which are his pets. The ducks are not dangerous and are kept in an enclosed area. As per the article and a representative of  the Audubon Society "blue swedish ducks are common pets and are known for being docile and quiet." The zoning board is scheduled to have a hearing on July 22 to decide the fate of the ducks. Please support Mr. Kistler and allow him to keep his pet ducks. For more information please see the link Thank you!

Letter to
Mayor Gill Sanchez
Zoning Officials of Delmont, Pa.
Dear Mayor Sanchez and Zoning Officials,
I recently read an article regarding your resident Mr. Jim Kistler and his pet ducks. According to the article, Mr. Kistler has 4 ducks which he has named, nurtured, and provides food and shelter. I trust that they are very dear to Mr. Kistler. The definition of a pet is" an animal kept for a person's company, as opposed to livestock, laboratory animals, working and sport animals. Following the definition,is a list of pets, which includes ducks.
These ducks are not being harmed and are not dangerous. A pet also provides emotional benefits to their caregivers and become family members. The ducks have been accustomed to the care Mr. Kistler has provided them. This is there home. There is a bond between the ducks and Mr. Kistler, which should be respected and supported.
Please allow these loving pets to remain in their home and the care of the owner Mr. Kistler. Thank you for your kind attention and consideration.
Respectfully yours,

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