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Hello peoples and friends before you read what dell did : According to dells terms and condition irrespective of products condition a product can be returned within 30 days of purchase but in my case i asked for refund the same day within 3 hours of purchase and i have proof for this as well. so basically they sold me a bad and refurbished laptop and then not accepting their own terms and conditions and instead forcing and harassing customers.

I bought a Dell laptop on 26 January 2018 from Dell Store by paying full price of a new laptop which was damaged So got it replaced on 29 January 2018 and this time the replaced laptop was refurbished. the major proof were the laptops Bios events which show laptop is used for 2 months before 29 January 2018 that is before i purchased it. I went to the store the same day where the store dealer denied from everything and was telling me that it came as it is from the company and i sold it, so talk to the company, i wont do anything. The Link to the Proofs is ( ) & bios events picture is also attached with this petition and you can see in the date column of Bios events picture that laptop was used before i purchased it, which proves that the laptop is refurbished. I had given all these proofs to the Dell Support where they have also accepted that the laptop is refurbished and they are again forcing me to take replacement laptop for third time. No customer would trust such a brand for third time when the brand has failed 2 times but how can they force me to take replacement laptop for third time when they have already failed 2 times in giving a proper product to a customer. Dell knows about this and together with dealers they are selling such bad products in india. because if dell doesnt know about this then why no action is taken against the store dealer who is still challenging me that he will keep on selling such products, do what you want to do ? So please help me get my refund from this Big giant Dell who is frauding indian customers and selling bad/refurbished products for price of new because without you this is not possible. Thank You